Superb Soup Recipes

Simple, chunky, rustic or show-stoppingly stunning, soups are comforting and uncomplicated to eat. Light soups are wonderful for balmy days; chunky and rich soups are warming on cold and rainy nights. Here are soup recipes for every day or night and for every weather condition. Choose from noodle soups to chowders and everything in between.


Foraging in the garden for lunch

On Nat Geo People, we chanced upon a food show that started with the thesis that more and more farmers are shortening the distance between the farm and the dining table. It's about going local -- buying fresh produce from nearby farms. With less transport time, the produce … [Read more...]


Meatballs, tomatoes and Parmesan soup

When I work, my girls sometimes sit beside me and we surf the web together. With Sam, it's house designs and food. With Alex, it's movie trailers and food. Yep, food is omnipresent.It was on one of those occasions while I was browsing Pinterest when Alex came in and … [Read more...]


Soft tofu and pechay soup

When I cooked the pechay guisado last week, I reserved the dark green leaves of the pechay for a vegetarian soup. In an attempt to tweak the depth of flavor, instead of using salt, I switched to a mixture of soy sauce and salt to season the broth. It was a new technique for … [Read more...]


Gaeng om: Thai herbed pork and vegetables

Gaeng om is a herb-y, spicy and hot pork dish with vegetables. I use "spicy" and "hot" separately because... well, it's funny how so many people say spicy when they mean hot. Spicy can mean any number of things: zesty, piquant, earthy, pungent and, yes, hot. But "hot" … [Read more...]


Ukha-inspired fish and vegetable soup

In the film I Am Love, a young man's comfort food is his mother's fish soup. The mother, a Russian who married an Italian and who thereafter "taught myself to be Italian" cooks the soup whenever her son is home and he relays a hankering for it.The son befriends a chef … [Read more...]


The chunkiest boiled beef and vegetables soup

The beef was simmered on Friday, cooled in its broth then chilled in the fridge. On Saturday, I made macaroni salad -- one batch with chicken and another batch without for my vegetarian daughter.Sunday at noon, I took the meat out of the fridge, cut the meat into cubes … [Read more...]


Chicken binakol: it’s like tinola with coconut

It tastes like tinola but it isn't exactly tinola. The similarity is due mainly to the inclusion of ginger among the ingredients. And if we're to talk about cooking method, the traditional way of cooking binakol is nothing similar to the procedure for cooking tinola. In … [Read more...]


Laswa, a vegetable soup

It's been a week since I arrived from my seven-day vacation in Negros Occidental and I still get dreamy over the good food we enjoyed there. We dined out, yes, but we ate more meals at the hacienda where we stayed.Home cooked food in Negros is drool-worthy but not in the … [Read more...]