Arroz amarillo (yellow rice)

I've always been amazed at how the Italians have developed hundreds if not thousands of ways to serve their pasta just as the ... (more)


Bistec picado

If you're a blogger and you have Google Analytics (or something smilar) installed, you might have occasionally checked what ... (more)


Arroz blanco (white rice)

It is a Mexican rice dish but arroz blanco is also found in the cuisines of many other South American and Caribbean ... (more)


Bacalao (Bacalhau) chowder

Marriage introduced me to bacalao. My mother-in-law traditionally cooks a bacalao and vegetable dish during Lent and, every ... (more)


Caldo pata (cow hoof soup)

In Santiago, Chile, across the street from La Vega Central is La Vega Chica, a collection of eateries where market vendors ... (more)