Arroz amarillo (yellow rice)


I've always been amazed at how the Italians have developed hundreds if not thousands of ways to serve their pasta just as the Chinese have countless recipes for noodles. Come to think of it, they have done pretty much the same with rice. The Italians have their risotto; the Chinese have integrated rice into their main dishes, sweets and snacks. I suppose it really boils … [Read more...]

Is it chelada or michelada? Doesn’t matter. It’s delicious!


Beer is something of a nostalgia. Beer is something I'll forever associate with college. For something like two decades, I stayed away from beer (mostly because I discovered wine) but, recently, with the introduction of fruit flavored beers, we've been kind of re-discovering beer and Speedy has been experimenting with beer cocktails. Since Mexican food and drinks are very … [Read more...]

Bistec picado


If you're a blogger and you have Google Analytics (or something smilar) installed, you might have occasionally checked what the most popular pages on your blog are. In this blog, there are two consistent topnotchers -- bistek and puto. Yep, iconic Filipino dishes with names worth discussing a bit. Let's start with the puto.I might have written about it before but it's … [Read more...]

Arroz blanco (white rice)


It is a Mexican rice dish but arroz blanco is also found in the cuisines of many other South American and Caribbean countries. There are even some claims that the dish originated from the Caribbean and was merely borrowed by the South Americans.Just as the claims about its origin vary, so do the methods for making the dish. The simplest version is rice cooked in salted … [Read more...]

Bacalao (Bacalhau) chowder


Marriage introduced me to bacalao. My mother-in-law traditionally cooks a bacalao and vegetable dish during Lent and, every year, I remember how she's remark about how the price of bacalao seems to go higher and higher. Bacalao, or dried salted cod, was not cheap to begin with. But with the prices of fresh fish reaching mind-blowing proportions these days, bacalao no … [Read more...]

A la chicken schnitzel or milanesa (fried breaded escalopes)


An escalope is a piece of boneless meat made uniformly thin by pounding with a mallet. A schnitzel is a popular Austrian dish made with escalopes that are coated with bread crumbs then fried until golden and crisp. Milanesa is the South American (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico) name for practically the same dish. There are many other names by which it is … [Read more...]

Caldo pata (cow hoof soup)


In Santiago, Chile, across the street from La Vega Central is La Vega Chica, a collection of eateries where market vendors and customers converge. So said Anthony Bourdain in the Chile episode of No Reservations. At an eatery known as Carmen's, he was served with caldo pata which he described as cow foot, vegetables and cilantro cooked in hearty broth. I don't know if it … [Read more...]

Meatless charquicán: mashed potatoes and squash with spinach and celery


I've made mashed potatoes and squash many times but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it was a traditional vegetable side dish for the rodeo-loving Chileans. In the Chile episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain partook of a barbecue feast where he enjoyed ribs braised in red wine with a side dish of mashed potatoes, pumpkin, spinach and celery.Unlike … [Read more...]