Curried chicken lollipops

It's chicken curry, no doubt but not in the form of a stew. The chicken lollipops were marinated in curry sauce then deep fried. Of course, you can bake, broil or grill them too but that's really secondary. It's really the curry sauce that makes these chicken lollipops pop … [Read more...]


Bruschetta with spinach, tomato and cheese

If you're wondering what the difference is between bruschetta and crostini, it has more to do with the preparation than with the size and thinness of the bread. Both bruschetta and crostini are Italian terms for toast bread. Generally, crostini are smaller and thinner. But … [Read more...]


Spicy honey-mustard chicken lollipops

One of the world's favorite finger foods, chicken lollipops can be prepared in so many ways. They can be fried, grilled or baked. The marinade can be anything from kid-friendly Southern-style buttermilk-based mixes to the more exotic blend of aromatic spices.This recipe … [Read more...]


Spinach and cream cheese dumplings

Two weekends ago, we were at the grocery and, at the vegetable section, Sam asked if we could buy spinach. How would we cook it, I asked. She said we'd mix the spinach with cream cheese and use the mixture as filling for fried dumplings. Genius, I thought, and she got my … [Read more...]


Pork curry empanada

Using the 20-minute ground pork and vegetable curry for the filling, I made pork curry empanadas the other night. See, the last time Speedy came home with bags of chicken curry empanada from Kowloon House, we were very disappointed. Apparently, Kowloon has changed the recipe … [Read more...]


Ham and mozzarella spring rolls

Spring rolls. Every culture in Asia has a version. Both wrappers and fillings of endless variety. These spring rolls don't have a very Asian filling. In fact, the ham and mozzarella filling is downright un-Asian and stuffing the mixture into Asian wrappers yield spring rolls … [Read more...]


How to make: Thai sweet toast with black sesame seeds

Called kanoom-pang-naneuy, these delectable toasted slices of bread are spread with butter icing and sprinkled with black sesame seeds. According to Appon's Thai Food Recipes, they are a popular street food in Thailand. Sadly, I never noticed them when I was in Thailand -- I … [Read more...]


How to make: Pearl balls

If you've never seen nor heard of pearl balls, they are meat balls rolled in soaked glutinous rice and steamed until the rice grains puff and create a sticky crust. Pearl balls, like most dim sum food, are sized to be eaten in one go. Lift one up with chopsticks, dip lightly … [Read more...]


Rj’s bacon-wrapped siomai

Literally, the siomai were wrapped in bacon, threaded in bamboo skewers, deep fried then served with chow mein. It's not even proper chow mein -- more like instant noodles with fresh carrots and bok choy thrown in.What's the idea? In answering that question, I'll also be … [Read more...]