Baked mussels (tahong), the simple way

Soaking the mussels to expel sand takes several hours. Preparing them for cooking takes several minutes. But the actual cooking takes no more than a minute.There are only four ingredients and the recipe itself is no more than six steps -- four, in fact, if we don't … [Read more...]


How to make: Vietnamese spring rolls

We never go to a Vietnamese restaurant without ordering spring rolls. Between Pho Hoa and Pho Bac, I prefer the latter's spring rolls. Apart from that though, my vote goes to Pho Hoa all the way. It's always been my dream to make Vietnamese spring rolls at home but it wasn't … [Read more...]


Chicken satay

We were supposed to host a barbecue yesterday but our intended guests begged off at the last minute leaving us with a lot of chicken, pork and cocktail drink mixers.No problem. We mixed the drinks anyway, had our fill of Margaritas in our new Margarita glasses last … [Read more...]


Corn dogs

I used to make these using pancake mix. But I was able to buy yellow cornmeal recently and I decided to make some corn dogs the traditional way. I searched for corn dog recipes online, found one at the Food Network, tried it and, oh boy, what a disaster. Not only did the … [Read more...]


Pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls

Sometimes, you dream up of something that's great for a meal for one and, at the same time, pretty enough and easy enough to prepare for a party.What are they? They are what the title says -- pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls. Served warm, the cheese is soft and … [Read more...]


Easy hors d’œuvre: herbed fish sticks

It's still the same tilapia fillets in the first and third of the four-part series on hors d'Å"uvre using tilapia fillets. No spring rolls this time though. Just crisp herby fish sticks. You don't even have to use tilapia. Fillets of maya-maya, talakitok or labahita will be … [Read more...]


Butter – fried suman and ripe mangoes

When my in-laws came over on Sunday, they brought a huge bunch of suman and about two kilos of ripe mangoes. I was planning on serving them for dessert but it was a warm day and I suggested that my husband go out to buy some ice cream. The suman and mangoes did not get eaten … [Read more...]


How to make: Special puto

The recipe is a modification of Nora Daza's puto recipe in her Galing-galing Cookbook. I was intrigued by it because stiffly beaten egg whites were among the ingredients. Since that would give the puto a texture similar to that of chiffon cake, I thought I'd give it a try. … [Read more...]


French toast in 3 steps

When I made some French toasts for breakfast a few days ago and took so much pain taking photos, I did wonder what I was going to do with all the photos. I was sure I have more than one French toast entry in my blog but I took the photos just the same. I'm glad I did. I … [Read more...]


Chicken pie with butter crust

In our house, leftover roast or grilled chicken usually becomes chicken salad for sandwiches the following day. We had leftover roast chicken from last Sunday's lunch and it had been sitting in the fridge for two days, wrapped tightly in cling film. The reason: we ran out of … [Read more...]