Small bites: Appetizers & Snacks Recipes

Small bites, finger food, dainty and not so dainty concoctions that are great for starters, munching and snacking.


Churros con chocolate

Story has it that when the Portuguese sailed East, they paid attention to the delectable food they encountered in China and brought back with them to Europe new culinary techniques that they proceeded to tweak. The churro is part of that story. The Portuguese saw the Chinese … [Read more...]


Visualizing our Christmas Eve meal

The other Sunday was the final day of the photo shoot for Sam's portfolio. We had to cook/assemble/plate five different dishes in one afternoon so that she could complete her set of photos. What we came up with turned out to be a teaser trailer of what we had been planning … [Read more...]


I had dessert for breakfast today

It's been a long time since I had breakfast at the traditional breakfast hour. Although I've been getting up before noon these past couple of weeks, my taste buds remain on strike until after I've had my second cup of coffee, checked my email and mapped out the day's photo … [Read more...]


Curried deviled eggs

About two years ago, I was among the 20 or so foodies from around the world who formed the international taste panel for the World's Best Curry Powder project spearheaded by Danish chef Alex Toft Nielsen. I was sent three samples of curry powder each containing a different … [Read more...]


Herbed chicken liver pâté

Until last week, I've paired liver pâté with butter and nothing but butter. Then, on the last day of our Negros vacation, our gracious hostess, Isabel, mentioned liver pâté and my ears pricked up. Cafe Uma, she said, has a unique way of serving their pâté -- with cranberry. … [Read more...]


SPAM mini open-faced sandwiches

Speedy loves SPAM. He really, truly does. With bread, with rice, as pizza topping, in pasta sauce... in whatever form. But nothing intrigued him more than SPAM musubi, that iconic Hawaiian creation that defies categorization. We've tried making SPAM musubi at home and they … [Read more...]


Spicy cream cheese dip (or spread)

If I knew who invented or discovered cheese, I'd write an ode to him or her. But cheese is older than recorded history and whoever made the first cheese is unknown. So there goes my ode.Everyone in my family loves cheese. Vegetarian Sam will never be a vegan because she … [Read more...]


Granola bars with pineapple syrup

On with the granola experiments. We've done three, so far, and this is the second. Both the second and third versions were baked with fruit syrup. What fruit syrup?Speedy's sister, Susan, works with Mama Sita. You might have seen her on TV -- she appears on Mama Sita ads. … [Read more...]


Homebaked granola squares

Sam discovered granola bars when she was in high school. By the time she was in college and living away from home, she used to bring a stash of granola bars for a weeks' supply. Granola is muesli -- a loose mixture of oats, nuts, honey and, sometimes, fruits. Geographic … [Read more...]