Bauernfrühstück (farmer’s breakfast)


Considering that I'm rarely awake early enough to eat breakfast at the traditional time, I really have no strong emotions toward breakfast. In my world, coffee is breakfast. If coffee has to be accompanied by solid food, it had better be eggs. Eggs by … [Read more...]

Apple and almond strudel


A strudel is a pastry that consists of a filling (often but not always sweet) wrapped in dough. To be more illustrative, the dough is laid out, the filling spread on it, then the dough is rolled, cigarette-like, then baked. The baked pastry is sliced, … [Read more...]

A la Kartoffelsalat (German potato salad)


What makes a potato salad German? According to some, it is the use of a vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise for the dressing. It appears, however, that this is not an absolute rule. There is some sort of "war" going on whether traditional German potato … [Read more...]

Hasselback potatoes


In the 1700s, a Stockholm restaurant called Hasselbacken started serving roasted accordion-like potatoes and they became known as Hasselback potatoes. I've never associated potatoes with flowers but, after my introduction to Hasselback potatoes... well, … [Read more...]

A la Swedish meatballs


I don't know exactly what makes meatballs "Swedish" -- the white sauce (or is it gravy?) that goes with them or serving them with lingonberry jam. I made these meatballs with a gravy but did not serve them with lingonberry jam. The meatballs were made … [Read more...]