Herbed chicken liver pâté

Until last week, I've paired liver pâté with butter and nothing but butter. Then, on the last day of our Negros vacation, our gracious hostess, Isabel, mentioned liver pâté and my ears pricked up. Cafe Uma, she said, has a unique way of serving their pâté -- with cranberry. … [Read more...]


Mango and avocado salsa

Our mint and basil are thriving but our lime tree has gone on vacation once more and it'll probably be several months before we see fruits again. The juice of the last three limes and a handful of freshly picked mint leaves went into this fresh salsa that is creamy, tangy, … [Read more...]


Tinapâté, the Filipino pâté

Some fifteen years ago, before weekend food markets were fashionable, artisanal food products could be found in the occasional stall at the shopping malls. That was how we were first acquainted with Connie's Kitchen. Despite having the same name, I did not know the Connie … [Read more...]


Salsa fresca (salsa Mexicana)

As anyone with the tiniest knowledge of Spanish will tell you, "salsa" means sauce. It's a very broad term that includes smooth sauces, chunky sauces, thin sauces and thick sauces of whatever color made with a myriad of ingredients. Surprisingly or not, however, in American … [Read more...]


Spicy cream cheese dip (or spread)

If I knew who invented or discovered cheese, I'd write an ode to him or her. But cheese is older than recorded history and whoever made the first cheese is unknown. So there goes my ode.Everyone in my family loves cheese. Vegetarian Sam will never be a vegan because she … [Read more...]


Homemade applesauce

A couple of days ago, I made apple cheese cupcakes with streusel topping. Never had a chance to take photos though. They were delicious, I'm sure apple-lover Alex will request that I make them again and, next time, no one eats until after I've taken photos.After the … [Read more...]


Buttered vegetables with soubise sauce

Soubise sauce is a secondary sauce based on Béchamel sauce. Make the basic Béchamel sauce, stir in chopped onion cooked in butter and you have soubise sauce. Some cooks prefer to sweat sliced onion in butter, puree the mixture in the blender then stir the puree into … [Read more...]


Béchamel sauce

I am not schooled in the art of French cooking. When it comes to food, I'm as Asian as Asian comes, and I was that way until I was an adult. Appreciation for Italian food came next and, after that, Mexican and Greek. There are certain South American, Spanish, Middle Eastern, … [Read more...]