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Crispy chicken sandwich

Last Sunday, Sam and I went shopping for clothes. We woke up late, we needed to be back home by 6.00 p.m. to pick up the laundry so, to save time, I suggested a McDonald's drive-in for lunch. Yeah, eat... (more)


Asian-style burgers

Yesterday's post about man tao was meant as an introduction to this recipe -- Asian-style burgers made with ground pork and various Asian seasonings and spices. Since the burgers would have all Asian flavors, I thought it fitting to serve... (more)


Cheese pimiento spread

In the tuna spread post, reader Lisa asked if I have a cheese pimiento spread recipe. Lucky Lisa, I made cheese pimiento spread three days before she posted that comment. I grew up with a semi-permanent supply of cheese pimiento... (more)


Cheesesteak sandwich

On a visit to a cousin's house where Speedy and I were wined (with great Brie cheese) and dined (risotto, grilled fish and grilled lamb chops) to our hearts' delight, there was a discussion about cheesesteak. Cheesesteak, of course, is... (more)


The ultimate chicken salad sandwich

Chicken salad sandwich was one of my favorites as a child. Back then, however, I did not want chopped onions in my chicken salad filling. I don't remember anymore when the craving for more flavors, textures and contrasts began. By... (more)


Chicken teriyaki sandwich

Say chicken sandwich and the first thing that comes to mind is chicken salad sandwich, the filling being the ubiquitous shredded chicken breast meat with mayonnaise. But the term chicken sandwich can mean so much more. In this recipe, the... (more)