Tomato and basil quesadillas

Yesterday's brunch was an exercise on how to use shredded mozzarella that was so near its expiry date. I thought about making grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches but there … [Read more...]


Taco lunch for one

What goes into a taco? Anything, really. That's how versatile the taco is. The wrapping itself -- the tortilla -- can vary. There's corn tortilla, flour tortilla and the whole … [Read more...]


Ham and cheese bread

Among all the breads that I have baked (not that there have so many at this point), this is the ultimate favorite among Speedy and the girls. There have been requests that … [Read more...]


Onion bread

Bread is best when newly baked. I never really appreciated crusty bread until I learned to bake and realized how much I had been missing. Rustic and comforting, and the … [Read more...]


Meat rolls

There is a small Chinese restaurant along Banawe Street in Quezon City where the meat rolls were so good and, where we were still living in the city, the girls asked for them … [Read more...]


Finger food: mini burgers

You've seen my down-sized burgers served with pan de sal. Now, let's down-size those mini-burgers by using an even smaller bread -- dinner rolls. What's the point in … [Read more...]