Chicken and mushroom burritos


There really are no hard and fast rules as to what can go inside a burrito although burritos (tacos, actually -- click here for the explanation) traditionally include rice and beans in the filling. But we wanted a light dinner last night so I simply … »

Chicken, vegetables and tortillas


If you're a fan of tortilla, you'd know that a lot of things can go into it aside from traditional Mexican filling. Tortilla is a bread, after all, flat and unflavored and neutral enough to accommodate a wide range of filling.So, I cooked chicken … »

Chicken, bacon and cheese sandwich


From the moment he saw the recipe and visual guide for making a cowboy's second favorite sandwich, Speedy was sure he would make some. And so, he did. Last Sunday -- Daddy's turn to cook day.Chicken thigh fillets topped with crisp bacon … »

Smoked salmon and cream cheese canapés


Thinking of easy to prepare but delicious and memorable canapes for a cocktail party on New Year's Eve? Try spreading this filling made with smoked salmon and cream cheese on wheat crackers. Or use it as a sandwich filling, cut up the sandwiches and … »

Low–fat, down–sized burgers


I like burgers. I love burgers. But I don't like soggy burgers. I dislike even more those with too much extenders, a trick becoming so popular among restaurants. So, I prefer making burgers at home. I use ground sirloin so that I get meat instead of … »

Speedy’s burritos


Burritos -- a Mexican food that consists of flour tortilla wrapped around a filling that can include beans, beef, vegetables or all of them. When we go to Taco Bell, we often choose the one with ground beef and potato filling. We've tried others (the … »