Taco lunch for one

What goes into a taco? Anything, really. That's how versatile the taco is. The wrapping itself -- the tortilla -- can vary. There's corn tortilla, flour tortilla and the whole ... (more)


Herb, garlic and onion bread knots

Cooking used to relax me. Well, it still does but, these days, I find bread making even more relaxing. The manual kneading is such an effective stress buster and I tell myself ... (more)


Ham and cheese bread

Among all the breads that I have baked (not that there have so many at this point), this is the ultimate favorite among Speedy and the girls. There have been requests that ... (more)


Onion bread

Bread is best when newly baked. I never really appreciated crusty bread until I learned to bake and realized how much I had been missing. Rustic and comforting, and the ... (more)


Meat rolls

There is a small Chinese restaurant along Banawe Street in Quezon City where the meat rolls were so good and, where we were still living in the city, the girls asked for them ... (more)


Finger food: mini burgers

You've seen my down-sized burgers served with pan de sal. Now, let's down-size those mini-burgers by using an even smaller bread -- dinner rolls. What's the point in ... (more)


Fish fillet and coleslaw sandwich

It would be an ordinary fish fillet sandwich were it not for the coleslaw. The secret? Cream cheese in the dressing. There is a pineapple coleslaw recipe in the archive, a ... (more)


Chicken and mushroom burritos

There really are no hard and fast rules as to what can go inside a burrito although burritos (tacos, actually -- click here for the explanation) traditionally include rice and ... (more)