Grilled cheese sandwich with black olives and sun-dried tomatoes


There is a grilled cheese sandwich with sun-dried tomatoes recipe in the archive but this one is a bit different. Instead of basil, I used parsley. And, in lieu of garlic and lemon juice, I added black olives. Very Mediterranean flavors. Very simple … »

Sausage and apple sandwiches


There is a program on Asian Food Channel called Return to River Cottage hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. An old show, actually, that originally started airing in 2000 but which we're only getting to see now here in Asia. I don't see it very … »

Blueberry bagel and pastrami sandwich


It might sound like a strange combination but when you consider how salty and sweet go so together well, then, it makes sense. Subtly sweet blueberry bagel and salty pastrami are great partners. Truly.But why? Where did the idea come from? Okay, … »

Tripe, lettuce and tomato sandwich


Think BLT but, instead of bacon, it's tripe so tender it almost melts in the mouth. And, seasoned with lemon juice and finely sliced chilies, the gamut of flavors and textures explode like New Year's eve firecrackers. So delicious. So unique. … »

Chunky meat sauce sandwich


Last Tuesday, I cooked a huge pot of spaghetti for Sam to bring back to the condo. Because she had her birthday, her friends were requesting that she bring homemade spaghetti and I obliged. I made more meat sauce than was needed for the amount of … »

Herbed cream cheese and butter spread


I had been sick. Fever. Chills. I hadn't cooked in three days and it was getting frustrating because Sam will be having her birthday in two days and I always cook something special when someone has a birthday in my family.Tonight, for the first … »

Pork, apple and mashed potato burgers


At The Vegetarian Kitchen, burgers are made with lentils. Very interesting. They made me think of something similar that I've done not too long ago. In how to cut down on meat and fat without sacrificing flavor and texture, I used chopped oyster … »

Cream cheese sandwich spread and dip


Yesterday, because the temperature was soaring, Speedy said there was no need to bother with cooking and we could just have sandwiches for dinner. That was a win-win suggestion -- I wouldn't have to toil in the heat in the kitchen and he wouldn't … »

There is no strict formula for making a good taco


First, you have got to read about why the definition of good food and cooking is largely psychological and a by-product of our childhood. I believe it -- there really is no good or bad food (only inedible ones like badly burnt food) because food … »

Taco salad with spicy garlic dressing


Does a salad always have to be served on a salad plate and eaten with a salad fork? If bread forms part of the salad, does the bread always have to be in the form of croutons? As far as I am concerned, the answers are no and no. I like … »