Chunky meat sauce sandwich

Last Tuesday, I cooked a huge pot of spaghetti for Sam to bring back to the condo. Because she had her birthday, her friends were requesting that she bring homemade spaghetti … [Read more...]


Grilled cheese sandwiches

I caught a bug. First, an annoying ache just below the back of my neck that spread to the shoulders. Then, a persistent stomach ache. Then, fever. Yep, some kind of flu. But, … [Read more...]


Scrap pork tacos

Long-time readers know my penchant for making broth by simmering scrap bones with vegetables, herbs and spices. While the best are scrap ham bones (sold per kilo by ham makers … [Read more...]


Spicy baked pork sandwich

The 4th Earl of Sandwich did not invent the sandwich as the practice of placing meat between slices of bread is much, much older than him. In the English language, however, … [Read more...]