Sandwiches & Wraps Recipes

There's more to a sandwich than bread and mayo; a great filling can be held together by more things than two slices of bread. This section contains easy and delicious sandwich ideas for everyday meals and to-go quick lunches, and unique fillings for (tortilla) wraps. For those occasions when small means more, there are mini sandwiches and sliders.


That thing called banh mi

If you think that there is a strict set of ingredients that go into a banh mi sandwich, you couldn't be more wrong. Beef, pork, egg, chicken, fish, meatballs and cold cuts are ... »


Lunch for one: bacon cheeseburger

With everyone out of the house today, I thought I'd keep things simple and have leftovers for lunch. But I had a craving -- a bad craving for meat. Since there was a pack of ... »


Visualizing our Christmas Eve meal

The other Sunday was the final day of the photo shoot for Sam's portfolio. We had to cook/assemble/plate five different dishes in one afternoon so that she could complete her ... »


Banh mi thit nuong

First, learn what's inside a bánh mì sandwich. Then, learn how to make bánh mì with grilled pork filling. ... »


Banh mi sandwich with fried eggs

Over at About Southeast Asian Food, I've started publishing and the first two articles are about banh mi -- that iconic Vietnamese snack that is part French and part ... »