Savory pineapple and avocado salad

Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of salads with raw vegetables in it? I must have. If you're new here, now you know.But combining fruits, spices and herbs to create a savory salad to accompany a grilled meat dish -- aaahh, that, I like very much. Like this one. Diced … [Read more...]


Swiss rösti salad

To make Sam's salad more filling, I topped it with rösti. And, for the dressing, cheese melted in milk and seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of chili.For the uninitiated, rösti is fried grated potatoes. Techniques for making rösti vary; some prefer to parboil the potato … [Read more...]


How to make a delicious meatless macaroni salad

I made this for Sam but she's still having end-of-schoolyear fun with friends so she hasn't tasted it yet. It's really just macaroni salad. But because the usual chicken or ham in this very ordinary salad packs it with flavor, you take the meat away and you really have to do … [Read more...]


How to make: Vietnamese chicken salad

Think cole slaw but with chicken, nuts and fresh herbs. And with no mayo. Doesn't sound like cole slaw anymore? That's okay. This Vietnamese chicken salad is better than cole slaw.Bias of an Asian? Maybe. Maybe not. With the chicken, this salad is more filling and a … [Read more...]


Sauteed spinach with garlic and toasted sesame seeds

Last Sunday, we had a small celebration with two people who, like me, had their birthday earlier this month. As with most gatherings in this house, decor and ambience did not figure in the preparations. We're more into good food and great company. And we don't really need … [Read more...]


Warm lettuce and bacon salad with poached egg

Among the many personalities on Food Network, Claire Robinson is one of those I am not so familiar with. I don't know what her cooking background is, I don't know the name of her show, I only know her from that segment of The Best Thing I Ever Ate where she drools over … [Read more...]


Make-ahead salad in a jar

My daughter Sam will like this idea. She likes salads but the process of prepping half a dozen different vegetables just before a meal can be a headache when everyone and everything is flying around in the kitchen. If more than half of the prepping can be done ahead of time, … [Read more...]


2-minute ranch dressing

Today, I am an alarm clock. In about 15 minutes, I am going to call up Alex who is at the condo to wake her up so she can be on time to leave to see a play at 10.00 a.m. as part of a class requirement. No problem, really, since I meant to stay up to watch the live telecast … [Read more...]