Omurice (omelet rice)

In the Apicius Culinary School cook-off, one of the entries consisted of pan grilled chicken and rice wrapped in egg. I loved the presentation but I thought that the rice omelet didn't really go well with the rest of the dish. When reader Nina commented that egg-wrapped rice … [Read more...]


Curried pork, spinach and rice casserole

Early this month, I agreed to take part in a project called "World's best curry powder" which aims to create a curry powder "with a taste that will appeal to taste buds whether you live in Copenhagen, New York or Tokyo. A global taste profile..." ┬áThe project proponent, … [Read more...]


Lacto-vegetarian baked eggplant and rice casserole

It's cheesy, creamy and meatless. Think moussaka but without the beef. Instead of meat, rice is added and that addition makes this dish a complete meal. We loved it. I'd make it again and again -- even for a dinner party. Yes, it is that good. Who would have thought? I was … [Read more...]


Paprika and tomato rice

The other night was vegetarian night. Dinner was peperonata di patate, an Italian pepper and potato stew. It took more than an hour to simmer the vegetables to tenderness and to get the sauce to thicken to the right consistency. By the time dinner was almost ready, Speedy … [Read more...]


Lamb biryani

Although considered an everyday dish in many South Asian countries, cooking biryani can be a challenge especially because the list of ingredients is long and can be intimidating. But it is really worth the effort. Since biryani is a complete meal, just think of all the work … [Read more...]


How to make: Yaki onigiri (grilled glazed rice ball)

It's so much fun learning something new everyday. Not just new recipes but also about other countries' languages and cultures. For instance, I learned yesterday that in Japanese, "yaki" means grilled and "onigiri" means rice ball. That should help me retain the words in my … [Read more...]


Steamed sticky rice and pork wrapped in banana leaves

The Chinese zongzi -- sticky rice wrapped in leaves then steamed -- has many variations all over Asia. Some are savory while others are sweet. Although bamboo leaves are traditionally used for zongzi, elsewhere in Asia, other leaves like lotus and banana are used. The … [Read more...]


Lugaw (congee) with tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork)

Porridge or congee, we Filipinos know it as lugaw -- soft-boiled rice cooked in meat broth. Cook it with chicken and color it a little with kasubha and it is called chicken arroz caldo... Cook it with beef tripe and it is known as goto... Served as plain lugaw, it is best … [Read more...]


The adobo rice experiment

There is an adobo rice recipe in the archive where adobo sauce was stirred into the cooked rice. It's good, I have nothing to complain about though I've always wondered if there were other and, maybe better, ways to make the rice absorb the flavors of the adobo better. So I … [Read more...]