Chicken, vegetables and Sriracha fried rice

A complete meal in one bowl, this dish has meat, vegetables, carbs (no, I am not scared of carbs) and lots of flavor. It's another example of how simple ingredients can be turned into a fantastic dish by following two basic cooking techniques: 1) stir frying basics and 2) … [Read more...]


Herbed rice and buttered vegetables

The "fish fillet" behind the rice is soya-based textured vegetable protein. Sam likes to include what she calls "fake meat" and "fake fish" in her meals for texture more than anything else. I mean, they don't have any distinctive flavor so what they really do is add bulk. … [Read more...]


Chicken rice

Alton Brown's corned beef recipe has intrigued me for a long time. I finally decided to try it. I made the brine, poured it over two large slabs of beef and the meat is now marinating in the fridge where it will stay for the next ten days. But I made too much brine for the … [Read more...]


Leeks, pepper, asparagus and mushroom pilaf

At its most basic, pilaf (the spelling varies depending on the region) is rice cooked in seasoned broth. It is found in many cultures including Middle Eastern, South Asian and Caribbean. In English speaking cultures, it is often referred to as "rice pilaf" which is redundant … [Read more...]


Chili and garlic burgers with vegetables fried rice

In the white chocolate, lemon and poppy seed cake post, there was a question about whether poppy seeds were added to the cake for appearance or taste. I told her it's 90% flavor and 10% appearance. Come to think of it, the visual appeal of poppy seeds is just … [Read more...]


Basil, garlic and pepper rice

Sam's dinner last night. Vegetarian. The crisp brown things on top of the rice? That's vegetarian "beef" made from soya. The salad is just a combination of romaine lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. The rice... ah, now that is what this post is about.The rice was cooked … [Read more...]


Tinapa (smoked fish) fried rice

Except for some irritants, it's been a great weekend and first day of the week. Sunday evening, Sam and I had time to talk -- really talk -- and, gee, my firstborn is no longer a child and I need to constantly remind myself of that. Then, Alex arrived with her friends, we … [Read more...]


Yellow rice with fresh mussels and mixed vegetables

So what do you do when your daughter calls up and says she's bringing home three friends and "can we have dinner at the house?" You say, "yes, of course" and, after switching off the phone, you panic -- out of your daughter's earshot. You panic -- gracefully. After the … [Read more...]


South Asian Lemon Rice

It's isn't yellow because of the lemon fruit although this rice dish has both lemon juice and lemon zest. It derives its color from the turmeric added to it. But the flavors are definitely not limited to the turmeric and the lemon. There are many versions and variations of … [Read more...]