Arroz a la Cubana

I'm re-posting this recipe for two reasons. First, this photo is better than the old one. Second, I wanted to create links to the other saba banana recipes that have accumulated since I first posted this wonderful rice dish … [Read more...]


Chicken and rice

This was last night's dinner. My husband and I were watching some TV while the kids were finishing their school projects. There was this advert for a local Chinese fast food chain introducing more rice toppings in its menu. … [Read more...]



Bringhe is a chicken, rice and coconut milk casserole. There are many versions available. Some use Spanish chorizo; others do not.In my version of this classic Filipino recipe, I used bawang na mura (spring garlic or … [Read more...]


Beef & Sausage Fried Rice

Rice is a staple food for the Filipinos as well as for most Southeast Asians. We eat rice the way Westerners eat bread and potatoes. It's no wonder that we have learned to cook rice in so many ways--as appetizers, main meals, … [Read more...]


Arroz a la pobre

Another variation of the traditional Paella, this is a very economical way to prepare a stylish dinner for 20 people without spending more than PhP 200.00 (US$ 3.3636). The earlier agreement to keep our Saturday evening … [Read more...]


Filipino-Chinese-Italian fried rice

Here's another fried rice recipe. I call it Filipino-Chinese-Italian fried rice... confused? I prepared it for an impromptu dinner affair with friends. Which kind of explains the strange combination of ingredients--I had to … [Read more...]


Chicken arroz caldo

Arroz is rice; caldo means hot. Despite its Spanish name, this dish is the Filipino version of the Chinese congee or porridge.Although not available in all wet markets, premature chicken eggs can be bought with liver and … [Read more...]


Arroz a la Alexandra

"Arroz" (rice) a la Valenciana and "Arroz" a la Paella are well-known traditional Spanish dishes. My grandmother used to make them when I was a child. I learned the basic techniques from her.The first time I made Paella, … [Read more...]


Pork tongue asado fried rice

"Asado" refers to: 1) a roast pork marinated in "asado" sauce; 2) the sauce itself which is a sweet-salty thick sauce made with soy sauce, sugar, star anise (or cinnamon bark), garlic, onions and pepper, and thickened with … [Read more...]