Rice and cheese quiche

Being Asian, my automatic solution to leftover rice is to stir fry it with bits of meat and vegetables to make Chinese-style fried rice. You guessed it. I have dozens of fried rice recipes in the archive -- some with meat, … [Read more...]


Kimchi fried rice (bokkeumbap)

Leftover kimchi was cut into small pieces then stir fried with day-old rice. Topped with an egg, fried sunny side up, and garnished with nori, it makes a tasty and filling meatless meal.Was the kimchi home made? No, but … [Read more...]


Fish and mushrooms risotto

This dish makes use of every bit of one whole fish. The flesh is filleted and grilled; the bones and head are boiled to make the broth for cooking the risotto.What kind of fish is good for this recipe? Any firm, fleshy … [Read more...]


Avocado and pesto rice

Always on the lookout for exciting vegetarian recipes for Sam, I came upon one called green goddess rice by Claire Robinson. Cooked rice is tossed with a paste made with avocado, basil, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. … [Read more...]


A la Cajun dirty rice

"Never judge a dish by its name" is a motto that every wise diner knows. Cajun dirty rice may sound like a terrible name for a dish but one mouthful and you'll know that "terrible" is not a word to use to describe the … [Read more...]


Egg-topped zucchini and tomato rice

Lunch was a quick and simple affair. It had to be. I couldn't be bothered to do anything more complicated than a one-pot rice dish because my mind is on Sam's exhibit. That is today's priority. That is today's … [Read more...]


Garlic and saffron rice

My future-sister-in-law, Laura, went on an extended trip to Europe and she brought home a jar of saffron for me. I'm sure that everyone was hoping I'd cook paella for the family reunion last December 30 but our share in the … [Read more...]


Chicken, vegetables and Sriracha fried rice

A complete meal in one bowl, this dish has meat, vegetables, carbs (no, I am not scared of carbs) and lots of flavor. It's another example of how simple ingredients can be turned into a fantastic dish by following two basic … [Read more...]