Tofu recipes


Peperonata con tofu

Italy meets China in a vegetarian dish. Sam loves bell peppers so I cooked one of the most well-loved Italian vegetable stews for her. Peperonata is a dish of stewed peppers and it is often served accompanied by rustic bread. … [Read more...]


Tofu and black beans stir fry

Tofu has been around for almost 2000 years. The way that the Chinese travelled and migrated to a lot of places even during the olden days, it is likely that they brought the tofu culture with them which should explain why … [Read more...]


Sweet and sticky meatballs and tofu

Made with a cake of silken tofu and a cup of leftover lumpiang shanghai filling, this dish has just the right amount of meat, crunch, sweetness, spiciness and saltiness. Hoisin sauce makes the meatballs and tofu deliciously … [Read more...]


Cooking with bits and pieces

So, I mentioned the other day that I made a huge pot of broth by simmering scrap bones primarily to make my a la zuppa Toscana.I also mentioned that I poured the cooled broth into separate containers which went into … [Read more...]


Chicken, tofu and spinach stir-fry

A little chicken goes a long, long way. Two well-seasoned chicken thigh fillets were cut into bite-size pieces, stir fried with garlic and ginger, tossed with silken tofu and blanched spinach. A drizzle of fish sauce, light … [Read more...]