Capellini, tomatoes and ham with basil and garlic sauce

The easiest way to name this dish is to call it pasta with pesto, tomatoes and ham. But that would be misleading. That's not pesto. That's a mixture of olive oil, basil, garlic, lime juice, salt, pepper and chili. And that's not really pesto because pesto -- at least, the … [Read more...]


Pork lo mein, a light version

There was a time when I would refuse to cook a dish if I didn't have all the ingredients specified in a recipe. All newbie cooks go through that phase, I surmise. The confidence to just wing it is still in embryonic stage and the adventurous spirit is yet non-existent. When … [Read more...]


Pork mami (noodle soup)

Mami is what we Filipinos call the traditional Chinese noodle soup with vegetables and meat or seafood. I have no idea who coined the term but I am pretty certain that the term mami is peculiar to the Philippines. The Wikipedia article on noodle soup says it was coined by Ma … [Read more...]


Bacon and vegetables pasta with cream sauce

I'm not so sure whether I should say "I cooked early today" or "I cooked very late". I made this pasta dish in time for lunch and it was done before noon. And, on weekdays, that is early because I rarely get up before noon. But considering that I stayed up all night (The … [Read more...]


Miso noodle soup with poached egg

When you have a base as delicious as miso soup, creating a one-bowl meal is easy. Speedy said we should try miso noodle soup with poached egg (something he saw on TV) and I said sure! Who wouldn't agree to make something as simple as that?So, for tonight's dinner, I did as … [Read more...]


Stir fried hofan with pork, chicken and vegetables

A chicken breast and leftover roast pork became this delicious stir fried hofan dish on Saturday evening. I thought I cooked too much but Speedy, Alex and I ate with so much gusto that there was hardly any leftover.What about vegetarian Sam? What did she have? She had stir … [Read more...]



Traditionally, sukiyaki is a hot pot dish. Each diner is given a bowl of raw egg; beef, tofu and vegetables are slow cooked in simmering sauce in a hot pot at the center of the table; then each diner picks from the hot pot and dips his food in beaten raw egg before eating. … [Read more...]


Angel hair pasta with crumbled chorizo

When I travel, I make it a point not to buy anything that I'd be able to find back home anyway. Travel is about discovering new things, after all. Or, when travelling somewhere I had visited before, it is a reacquaintance with food specialties and delicacies that had made … [Read more...]


Linguine with spinach and yogurt sauce

The girls are on their summer break. Meal times are irregular as they catch up on sleep and their favorite TV shows. I have stopped trying to predict when they would come down for a meal so I cook whenever is convenient for me and spread everything on the dining table. I'm … [Read more...]