Pasta primavera… with fresh tuna!

"Primavera" refers to a Central American hardwood tree with tubular yellow flowers or to the season of spring. The latter is descriptive of a variety of light pasta dishes that are cooked with fresh spring vegetables.There are no hard and fast rules as to what vegetables … [Read more...]


Teriyaki udon

The name of the dish sounds very Japanese but I doubt if you'll find teriyaki udon listed in the menu of Japanese restaurants. I sort of invented it last night because I wanted a low-fat meal with meat in it. You know, like making a statement that low-fat means neither … [Read more...]

Oriental noodles with peanut sauce

Oriental noodles with peanut sauce

If you're a fan of Vietnamese food, then you should be familiar with the peanut sauce that goes with the spring rolls. It's a mixture of tamarind paste, peanut butter and hoisin sauce, thinned down a bit with hot water. I love that peanut sauce. I can dip steamed dimsum and … [Read more...]


Soba with fish balls and quekiam

For all you noodle lovers out there, here's something we enjoyed recently per the request of my daughter Sam who said she missed terribly stir fried oriental noodles with store-bought fishballs and quekiam. This is commercial quekiam, mind you, the kind you buy frozen from … [Read more...]


Lo mein, not chow mein

If you ask a Filipino what the noodle dish in the photo is, he would probably say "pancit canton". In the Philippines, that is the generic term for any Chinese-style noodle dish that has meat and/or seafood, vegetables and sauce. Strictly speaking, however, that is chicken … [Read more...]


Bulalo (beef bone marrow) noodle soup

Let's have a few recipes before I tell you about the rest of the food we enjoyed during our six days and six nights vacation in the Visayas last week. There's more to write about, really. Boracay wasn't the only place we visited and the food we enjoyed after Boracay was much … [Read more...]


Pasta with clams in red wine sauce

The first time I cooked pasta with clams, I used white wine. I didn't know the proper name for the dish but some readers supplied that information generously. Spaghetti alla Vongole. This pasta with clams dish was cooked with red wine. I don't know if it still falls within … [Read more...]

Pasta with prawns in creamy garlic sauce

Pasta with prawns in creamy garlic sauce

Just because I'm allergic to crustaceans doesn't mean the rest of my family can't enjoy them, right? My daughter Sam was making faces and saying, "Pasta again?" when she saw me cooking this pasta dish with prawns in creamy garlic sauce. But the moment she started eating, she … [Read more...]


Pork and mushrooms noodle soup

The fresh shiitake and enoki mushrooms were meant for sukiyaki but thirty minutes before I was due to start lunch yesterday, I got flustered. In all the Japanese restaurants I have eaten in -- and I have eaten in a lot of them -- sukiyaki has always been served as a soup. … [Read more...]