Chicken enchiladas with two cheeses


Traditional enchilada is made with corn tortillas. I made mine with whole wheat tortillas because 1) I couldn't find corn tortillas in the supermarket and 2) although I have cornmeal in the fridge, I still haven't gathered enough guts to make my own tortillas. I could have but I have this sneaking suspicion that had I done so, I'd be too tired to enjoy the chicken … [Read more...]

Speedy’s burritos


Burritos -- a Mexican food that consists of flour tortilla wrapped around a filling that can include beans, beef, vegetables or all of them. When we go to Taco Bell, we often choose the one with ground beef and potato filling. We've tried others (the pork barbecue is... well, just skip it) and we've always gone back to the one true and tested burrito that have never failed … [Read more...]

Chicken and pesto quesadillas


It's been a week since I last posted a recipe and that might seem like I've starved my family to death. Or, worse, that we've all taken the easy way out and lived on fast food delivery for the last seven days. It's neither. I was in the hospital for five days, had surgery (they took out my gall bladder), so I wasn't doing any cooking. In fact, two days before I went to the … [Read more...]