It was meant to be an appetizer but a plateful of nachos turned out to be filling enough to serve as a complete meal. After lunch on Saturday, my older girl, Sam, announced … [Read more...]


Cafe con leche

To complete the Mexican theme of yesterday's brunch, I had a cup of cafe con leche with the potato, chorizo and chili dish. What is cafe con leche? The literal translation is … [Read more...]


Beef enchiladas

For all my proclamations that I'm going to do a lot of Italian cooking, dinner last night was my daughters' favorite Mexican dish -- enchiladas. With beef, this time, instead … [Read more...]


Speedy’s burritos

Burritos -- a Mexican food that consists of flour tortilla wrapped around a filling that can include beans, beef, vegetables or all of them. When we go to Taco Bell, we often … [Read more...]


Chicken and pesto quesadillas

It's been a week since I last posted a recipe and that might seem like I've starved my family to death. Or, worse, that we've all taken the easy way out and lived on fast food … [Read more...]