Pineapple margarita

If you're a long time reader, you'd know that my family never prepares a traditional noche buena. We stay away from "traditional" dishes because those retailers with no conscience always jack up the prices even when the supply can outlast the demand. Except once during the … [Read more...]


Fish tacos, Asian style

I read that the term taco comes from a Spanish word meaning "light snack" but these overstuffed eight-inch tacos were anything but light. Speedy and I had one taco each and we were full.What makes these fish tacos "Asian style"? The fish, for starters -- I used bangus … [Read more...]


Holy guacamole burgers

After the burrito lunch at Ristras which left us feeling a little short on the meat experience, dinner was Mexican-inspired burgers. An alternative burger, actually, which means they were made with something other than pure beef.My holy guacamole burgers were made with a … [Read more...]


Cheese-stuffed peppers a la chili relleno

Chili relleno, literally stuffed chili, is a Mexican dish that consists of roasted poblano pepper that is split and seeded, stuffed, coated in batter then deep fried. Served with chunky tomato sauce, it is a wonderful starter or snack with its layers of flavors, colors and … [Read more...]


Chicken fajitas

They look like tacos. In fact, they are a variation of the taco. The distinguishing factor? Fajitas have a grilled meat filling. Traditionally, grilled skirt steak. Today, it can be any beef cut. It doesn't even have to be beef. Pork, seafood and chicken can go into a … [Read more...]


Chili and egg breakfast

How do I love chili? Let me count the ways... with buttered garlic bread, with soft tortillas, with corn bread and with rice. Yes, rice. And egg. Like this.I made the chili last Friday for lunch. It was Speedy's birthday and his request? Chili dog sandwiches. I made way … [Read more...]

Chunky guacamole with sage, bacon and blue cheese

Chunky guacamole with sage, bacon and blue cheese

Guacamole is, of course, Mexican but adding blue cheese and bacon to this avocado-based salsa is something else. The combination sounds strange, I know -- even chef Michael Symon admitted as much. But, heck, this is one delicious guacamole. The surprising crunch of the bacon … [Read more...]


Watermelon: from agua fresca to margarita

We've been making watermelon smoothies forever. In fact, the very first recipe in the "Drinks" category was the watermelon smoothie. It was updated in September 2010 when my daughter, Sam, made a picture pretty pitcher of her version. It was after that September 2010 update … [Read more...]


Mango Margarita

It looks like the monsoon season is early this year. La Niña, they say. So, before the time of the mango ends, I want to enjoy them to the hilt in as many ways as I can. Philippine mangoes (or Manila mangoes, as they are known abroad) are incomparable, after all. Or … [Read more...]


Tomato and basil quesadillas

Yesterday's brunch was an exercise on how to use shredded mozzarella that was so near its expiry date. I thought about making grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches but there was fresh basil in the garden and the idea of fresh herbs in my first meal of the day was too … [Read more...]