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Grilled herbed liempo (pork belly) and potatoes

Pork, the much maligned meat. In the forums, Ann, who works in Riyadh, says they try to cook Filipino food despite the absence of pork. JMom, in Durham, NC, sympathized because, being "such a porker, I wouldn't know what to... (more)


Pork and mushrooms adobo

Mention Filipino cooking and adobo comes to mind. For some reason, the dish itself is an unequivocal declaration of being Pinoy. I like the way The Wily Filipino puts it: "It's an unambiguous declaration of ethnic presence, an olfactory attack... (more)

Almost like Spam musubi

Almost like Spam musubi

My brother-in-law, Sonny, e-mailed me from Chicago recently with a link to something he said he thought I might find amusing -- Spam musubi. I was flabbergasted. Now, I'm not a fan of Spam. I think I mentioned that before.... (more)


Ernest’s pancit canton

If you're wondering who "Ernest" is, he is a 17-year-old reader who posted the recipe for pancit canton in the comment thread of the beef laing entry. I've been using oyster sauce for cooking pancit canton for years -- since... (more)


Cocido – inspired beef stew

I was reading up on cocido and I found out that the traditional Spanish cocido is what we know in the Philippines as pochero. At least, it is the closest beef stew to the Spanish cocido -- garbanzos (chick peas),... (more)

Braised pork spare ribs

Braised pork spare ribs

I was going to call this dish mix-and-match pork spare ribs but it isn't very descriptive of the cooking process. Braised (to cook in very little liquid) is a more accurate description. It was inspired by the classic teriyaki dish... (more)

Beef chuck and mayo

Beef chuck and mayo

The inspiration for this dish came from a dip. A former officemate of my husband taught him to make a dip by mixing together some mayonnaise, finely chopped garlic and milk. It's a fast and easy concoction that we have... (more)