Crispy fried adobo flakes

UPDATE on April 12, 2015: I tried a different frying method for crispy adobo by cooking shredded chicken meat in about a quarter cup of very hot oil over medium-low heat. Despite the much longer contact of every shred of meat … [Read more...]


Honey-mustard meatballs

Pour honey and mustard over just about anything and you have a great-tasting dish. Just two pantry staples and you can create a variety of wonderful meals. The basic mixture makes a rich dipping sauce for fish or use to … [Read more...]


Slow cooker ginger-honey-Sriracha meatballs

The recent Valentine's Day was a new experience for me. In the past, Speedy gave us -- me, Sam and Alex -- chocolates but, this year, the girls had Valentine gifts for everyone too. So, that's how it feels to have grown-up … [Read more...]


Lunch for one: bacon cheeseburger

With everyone out of the house today, I thought I'd keep things simple and have leftovers for lunch. But I had a craving -- a bad craving for meat. Since there was a pack of ground beef in the fridge and a couple of buns from … [Read more...]


Pork, chicken and pineapple stew

A stew that has cubes of pork belly and chicken portions, the dish is a combination of two recipes in the archive. The chicken version is a favorite with my mother-in-law's so when we decided to spend a part of Christmas day … [Read more...]


A Christmas ham story

A funny thing happened while we were preparing for our Christmas Eve meal. As agreed upon, I did not cook regular food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead, we ate sandwiches here and there all day. By five o'clock in … [Read more...]


Osso buco pasta

Holiday-perfect party food. The most visually exciting way to serve this pasta dish is to top each bowl of noodles with a whole cross cut of beef shank with the bone marrow intact. In some meat stores, it is possible to … [Read more...]