Hainanese chicken rice

Last night, there was a replay of the No Reservations episode shot in Singapore and, suddenly, I missed Singapore. I love the vibrancy of that city-state -- the food stalls ... (more)


Beef rendang, a savory and spicy stew

This is an updated version of my beef rendang recipe. A traditional dish in Malaysia, beef rendang traces its origins from the Minangkabau ethnic group of the highlands of ... (more)


Ikan Moolie (fish in coconut gravy)

Rich and spicy, this dish might look like fish curry but it isn't. It has no curry powder although turmeric, one of the spices that make up curry powder, is an ingredient and ... (more)


Chicken satay

We were supposed to host a barbecue yesterday but our intended guests begged off at the last minute leaving us with a lot of chicken, pork and cocktail drink mixers. No ... (more)