Kitchen Hacks

Cooking tips, ingredients, pantry items and fixing the occasional kitchen disaster.


Food hacks I learned during the holidays

When Speedy bought a couple of young coconuts for Christmas Eve's buko pandan dessert, I wondered what I'd do with the coconut water. The fridge was full; so was the freezer. Why not use some for a cocktail drink? There was mango puree in the fridge, we had kalamansi-honey … [Read more...]


Fried tanigue (Spanish mackerel) with wasabi mayo

While I do occasionally crave for the simplicity and rusticity of plain fried fish, I'm not one to find comfort nor satisfaction in having it served the same way every time. Sure, I like the vinegar and patis dipping sauce with a couple of bird's eye chilies crushed directly … [Read more...]


How to scale and gut a live fish

The other day, we went to the market for fish and vegetables. As usual, I gravitated toward my favorite fish seller whose staples are live hito (catfish) and dalag (mudfish). I was asked how I wanted them prepared, I stated my preferences, and... See, in the Philippines, … [Read more...]


Saving what’s in the fridge during a blackout

Armed with the news that a strong typhoon was on its way, I sent messages to Sam and Alex to stock up on food and drinks as it was likely that there would be no food deliveries until after the typhoon was gone. Reminding them was about the only thing I could do they being in … [Read more...]


The market with no sellers nor buyers

I wish I could say that the photo was taken at our suburban market. It wasn't. It was taken in Roxas City when we spent a few days there. The inside of the market where I live is not worth taking photos of. In fact, I never run out of excuses not to go there. It's filthy, … [Read more...]