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How to scale and gut a live fish

The other day, we went to the market for fish and vegetables. As usual, I gravitated toward my favorite fish seller whose staples are live hito (catfish) and dalag (mudfish). I was asked how I wanted them prepared, I stated … [Read more...]


Yang Chow Dimsum Teahouse

The ground floor of Shopwise Libis is populated by eateries -- restaurants and food stalls alike. We noticed the Chinese restaurant called Yang Chow Dimsum Teahouse almost as soon as it opened, wondered if it was any good but … [Read more...]


The market with no sellers nor buyers

I wish I could say that the photo was taken at our suburban market. It wasn't. It was taken in Roxas City when we spent a few days there. The inside of the market where I live is not worth taking photos of. In fact, I never … [Read more...]