Fettuccine aglio e olio with sun-dried tomatoes


The classic Italian spaghetti aglia e olio has only three basic ingredients: pasta, olive oil and garlic. Salt is added for flavor; parsley is sprinkled for color and texture. There are only two steps in the preparation of the dish: boiling the pasta the … [Read more...]

Budino with salted caramel sauce


When we hear and read about how the Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world, we know it's no exaggeration. It isn't even Halloween yet but in the malls, Christmas trees and decor are already up for sale alongside the scary masks, monster … [Read more...]

Fettuccine with chocolate and bacon


Some years ago, when we were still Dream Satellite subscribers and loyal fans of Discovery's Travel and Living Channel, I saw David Rocco cook a pasta dish with chocolate sauce called penne al cioccolato. I grimaced as I watched him do it because I … [Read more...]

Coffee granita


One of my favorite musicals of all time, Nine, was on Star Movies last night. I got LSS as usual. I was humming "Be Italian" (sung by Fergie) and "Cinema Italiano" (sung by Kate Hudson), both partly featured in the credits, all morning.By noon, … [Read more...]

Pizza, Buffalo wings and beef salpicao


Last Saturday, to satisfy Alex's craving for pasta and pizza, we had dinner at Cafe Lidia.  I ordered the pork parmigiana (above, left), Alex had the baked penne (above, right), Speedy opted for the beef salpicao (below, left) and, for … [Read more...]

Lasagna with leftover turkey and duck meat


Two days after Christmas, we hosted a potluck party and our share was roast turkey. On New Year's Eve, we had roast duck for lunch. There was so much food over the holidays and we had leftovers. What happened to the leftovers? Some of the turkey and duck … [Read more...]