Pork a la parmigiana with spaghetti in pomodoro sauce

When people ask why I still like to eat at restaurants when we seem to have great food at home everyday, I tell them there are two reasons: variety and inspiration. No matter how well cooked the food at home is, sometimes, I do get bored with my own cooking. Not often but … [Read more...]


Lasagna with leftover turkey and duck meat

Two days after Christmas, we hosted a potluck party and our share was roast turkey. On New Year's Eve, we had roast duck for lunch. There was so much food over the holidays and we had leftovers. What happened to the leftovers? Some of the turkey and duck meat became the … [Read more...]


Sausage, onion and tarragon risotto

I don't know what Jamie Oliver means by cotechino sausage, we buy our deli sausages from S&R most of the time and a vacuum-sealed spicy sausage that I bought a couple of weeks ago was what Speedy used for this risotto. And I must say he has outdone himself again. Perhaps, … [Read more...]


Asparagus, mint and lemon risotto

Every time Speedy cooks risotto, it's better than the previous one. We had this asparagus, mint and lemon risotto for lunch today and, I tell you, with risotto this good, I'm learning to appreciate meatless meals more and more.This risotto recipe was adapted from Jamie … [Read more...]


Risotto with grilled oyster and shiitake mushrooms

Based on a recipe by Jamie Oliver that Speedy saw him cook on his TV show. Speedy avoided button mushrooms because Jamie Oliver empathically said please, not button mushrooms. I wondered why but, after tasting the cooked risotto, the why just seemed irrelevant. I was quite … [Read more...]


Tomato and basil risotto

Call it a journey to re-discover rice. Living in Asia, we've somehow taken rice for granted. We cook rice for our everyday meals but never really looked past the ubiquitous congee and Chinese-style fried rice. But rice is a staple far beyond Asia and each culture has a vast … [Read more...]


Spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce

My first recipe for spaghetti with meatballs was published on May 10, 2005 after dinner at a pub called The Oarhouse in Malate, a hang-out for photographers, journalists, writers and expats. We ordered spaghetti with meatballs there, I liked it and did a home cooked version … [Read more...]


Biftekia: grilled beef patties, Greek style

Happy with the Greek food we had at Mano's Greek Taverna in Tagaytay, I decided to make biftekia, or Greek style grilled beef patties, at home. Ground beef, bread soaked in red wine, fresh oregano, onion and garlic went into my beef patties.Biftekia is a burger, … [Read more...]