Sausage, onion and tarragon risotto

I don't know what Jamie Oliver means by cotechino sausage, we buy our deli sausages from S&R most of the time and a vacuum-sealed spicy sausage that I bought a couple of weeks ... (more)


Asparagus, mint and lemon risotto

Every time Speedy cooks risotto, it's better than the previous one. We had this asparagus, mint and lemon risotto for lunch today and, I tell you, with risotto this good, I'm ... (more)


Tomato and basil risotto

Call it a journey to re-discover rice. Living in Asia, we've somehow taken rice for granted. We cook rice for our everyday meals but never really looked past the ubiquitous ... (more)


Chocolate and coffee panna cotta

I'm still playing around with easy but drop-dead gorgeous desserts I can make over the holidays. I made this while my younger daughter Alex, home from school with a bad cold, ... (more)


Coconut-pandan panna cotta

Buko (coconut) and pandan dessert is fast becoming a staple in buffet parties, including Christmas and New Year affairs. Here is a new twist on the refreshing combination of ... (more)