Basil and garlic focaccia

In a post I published four and a half years ago, I mentioned that everyone in my family has a unique favorite bread. Alex's favorite is focaccia. That hasn't changed in four ... (more)


Lasagna with creamy spinach sauce

I wanted to call it lasagna verde but, apparently, it isn't because lasagna verde uses spinach lasagna noodles. This one has regular lasagna noodles but the dish turns green ... (more)


Italian-themed Christmas Eve menu

Start the meal with a good antipasto and end it with a double dessert. 1. Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil, pimiento and cheese 2. Spaghetti alle vongole (Clams spaghetti ... (more)


Budino with salted caramel sauce

When we hear and read about how the Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world, we know it's no exaggeration. It isn't even Halloween yet but in the malls, ... (more)


Fettuccine with chocolate and bacon

Some years ago, when we were still Dream Satellite subscribers and loyal fans of Discovery's Travel and Living Channel, I saw David Rocco cook a pasta dish with chocolate ... (more)


Greek-style two-cheese pizza

Pizza is strongly associated with Italian food but the Greeks have their pizza too. And while Greek pizza is also made with a crust and a toppings that include cheese, feta ... (more)


Coffee granita

One of my favorite musicals of all time, Nine, was on Star Movies last night. I got LSS as usual. I was humming "Be Italian" (sung by Fergie) and "Cinema Italiano" (sung by ... (more)