Ground Beef Recipes

Pork, corn and spinach pot pie

Pork, corn and spinach pot pie

It’s an anything goes pot pie because you can use any combination of meat and vegetables (or even vegetables only) for the filling. And for those who aren’t too adept at making pie crust, here’s an alternative — use pancake batter. Yes, pancake batter. Just mix, pour over the filling and bake.

But pancake batter wouldn’t make a crisp nor flaky crust, would it? No. This is similar to the Tex-Mex tamale pie (not to be confused with the authentic Mexican tamale) which has a chili-like ground meat filling and cornbread top crust. A delicious one-pot meal that has everything in it. »

Chili and garlic burgers with vegetables fried rice


In the white chocolate, lemon and poppy seed cake post, there was a question about whether poppy seeds were added to the cake for appearance or taste. I told her it's 90% flavor and 10% appearance. Come to think of it, the visual appeal of poppy … »

How to make a very “meaty” pasta sauce with very little meat


When Sam announced a couple of weeks ago that she would be inviting some half a dozen friends to spend the weekend, the announcement came with a "preferred menu" -- sinigang na baboy, the immortal baked mac, and butterscotch and chocolate fudge combo … »

Macaroni soup with meatballs, corn and spinach


Simple, rustic and warming. The ingredients are simple and readily available, and the procedure is tailor-made for newbie cooks. You make meat balls, brown them in butter, pour in the broth, add the rest of the ingredients and that's it! But like … »

Burgers with cheese and mushroom sauce. And homemade potato chips.


When entertaining, it is usual for the host or hostess to choose dishes that impress. And “impressive” is commonly associated with expensive ingredients or dishes that are complicated to cook, or both. I don’t subscribe to any of … »

Scotch eggs: dinner for two plus midnight snack


Defined as shelled hard-boiled eggs covered in sausage meat, dredged in bread crumbs and deep fried, Scotch eggs are usually served cold but Speedy and I prefer them hot -- with a gravy of melted cheese. Okay, make that cheat-gravy -- I just … »

Burgers with pan-roasted onion and pepper relish


A burger doesn't have to rest on a bed of shredded lettuce and topped with tomato and onion to be good. In fact, that combination, served in almost every fast food joint, is already tired and boring. Just like a good, juicy steak, burgers benefit a … »

Chili con carne (flavored by leftovers)


Two days after New Year's Day, except for a kilo of ground beef, the freezer was almost empty. There were a lot of odds and eggs, however. A hundred grams or so of scrap bacon, two pepperoni sausages, a chorizo de Bilbao... Perfect for a pot of chili … »

Baked macaroni


Because it is party season and many of you like to make this baked macaroni dish (a real crowd-pleaser, no doubt), I am updating this 2006 recipe with a few revisions and to include some step-by-step photos for making this cream cheese topping which … »

Spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce


My first recipe for spaghetti with meatballs was published on May 10, 2005 after dinner at a pub called The Oarhouse in Malate, a hang-out for photographers, journalists, writers and expats. We ordered spaghetti with meatballs there, I liked it and … »