The dipping sauces of Asia

Sawsawan, that's what it's called. It's something served on the side of a cooked dish and the cooked meat, seafood or vegetable is either dipped in it or small spoonfuls of ... (more)


International Sushi Day

Who would have thought... an international sushi day! Unlike food festivals such as Oktoberfest and Taste of Chicago, the International Sushi Day isn't geographically-based. ... (more)


In search of the real margarita

I'm a mojito girl. After my UP Law class held a reunion / testimonial dinner a year and a half ago, in some of the photos that came out on Facebook, I was referred to as "that ... (more)


Banana chips: good, better, best

I always thought that banana chips were a Filipino thing. Apparently not. It's all over -- there is a recipe for banana chips with the skin on, there's the baked variety and ... (more)


On chili dogs, hot dogs and sausages

I've always wondered what distinguishes a hot dog from a sausage. Both refer to ground (often, scrap) meat, fat and seasonings encased in animal intestine. Technically, a hot ... (more)