Making dessert on Mother’s Day? Try tiramisu, party style


Serving a cake during a party means placing the cake tray on the table, cutting it and placing individual servings on dessert plates. What if the cake can be apportioned several hours before without sacrificing on looks and presentation? What if all … »

Coconut custard pie


Imagine leche flan (steamed crème caramel) or crème brûlée without the hard topping. Imagine coconut flakes stirred into the custard. Now, imagine that delightful mixture enfolded by a buttery crust. That’s what this coconut custard pie is in a … »

Apple fritters


My first encounter with "apple fritters" was with Country Style Donuts where the fritters are made with donut dough with bits of apples, fried and rolled in sugar. I loved those apple fritters. I still do. Country Style outlets have become fewer but … »

Lemon chiffon cake with lemon glaze


The aroma is in the cake; the tang is in the glaze. Why? Because the lemon zest went into the cake while the lemon juice went into the glaze. If you have't discovered it yet, lemon zest is highly aromatic but without any substantial tang. It is the … »

Affogato: ice cream drowned in coffee


So, as I was saying in the previous post: If you’re entertaining and you want to impress, serve something no one knows for sure how to pronounce properly and they’ll think you’re the epitome of culinary sophistication. Case in point — affogato. … »

Choco-vanilla marble chiffon cake


When they were younger, the girls loved Goldilocks mocha-vanilla chiffon cake. You know, the one sold by the slice? That and the chicken pie were the only Goldilocks items we bought. Well, until the crust of the chicken pie became bread-like rather … »

Celebration cake


Yesterday called for an unexpected celebration and I was inspired to bake a cake that reflected my feelings — brilliantly dazzling and stupendous. This cake, which I call my celebration cake because no name could be more apt, is made with a … »

Turon (banana spring rolls) with dulce de leche


How many ways have we made turon? Let me count:1. Cheesy turon 2. Turon with toffee and peanut butter sauce 3. Turon with bacon and cheese 4. Turon with chunky peanut butter 5. Turon with M&MsExcept for the cheesy turon, everything else … »

Ice cream sandwiches: not just for kids


A dessert so ideal for entertaining because it is made in advance. A few hours head start is fine but making these ice cream sandwiches a day or two ahead of the party is an even better strategy. This was Sam’s most recent weekend project. I … »

Cream cheese coffee cake with cinnamon streusel topping


My favorite butter cake baked with a twist -- a cream cheese filling and streusel topping. Can you imagine? A split cake with custard or frosting layer in the middle is common enough. But a cream cheese filling? What a surprise. And guess what? You … »