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Green tea and rambutan dessert

There were two items in the pantry that we bought before Christmas but never got around to using. One was a box of cherry-flavored Jell-o and the other was a can of pineapple-stuffed rambutan. I started toying with the idea of making a dessert out of them two days ago. I ... (more)

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Chocolate coated gummy bears

Right after Alex made her choco loco on Saturday evening, older sister Sam took over the kitchen. She had this idea--dipping gummy bears in melted chocolate. I don't know how she located the mixing bowls. Next moment I peeked in the kitchen, she was already stirring the ... (more)

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Refrigerator cake

We greeted the New Year with lots of sweets--fruits, a sweet red wine and this refrigerator cake that my daughters and I made a few hours before midnight. One of the Christmas gifts I received was a huge tin of broas, cookies known in the West as lady fingers, a specialty in ... (more)


Easy dessert crepes

I found a recipe for crepes at the back of a Maya pancake mix box and I've been having crepes for breakfast for two days. The batter is really just a diluted pancake batter with an additional egg. Of course, I never did it the easy way until two days ago. I used to make my ... (more)