Chocolate chunk cookie ice cream


After Alex discovered how wonderful it is to mix home made vanilla ice cream with home baked chocolate chip cookies, she asked me to bake another batch of cookies that would do well for the purpose. That led to the huge batch of chocolate chunk cookies that I baked last Sunday. While the cookies cooled, I did as she asked and made ice cream. How I assembled the chocolate … [Read more...]

Chocolate chip cookie ice cream


I've posted my homemade vanilla ice cream recipe and I've also posted my version of the classic Toll House chocolate chip cookies. Now, let me tell you how I combined those two lovely sweets to make the best ice cream I've created so far. And it wasn't even my idea.My younger daughter, Alex, and I were in the supermarket last week and we were debating what ice cream … [Read more...]

Chocolate panna cotta with vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup


If you're not tired of desserts yet, neither am I. So many things I can do with the vanilla ice cream I made a couple of days ago. We're down to our last few scoops and I thought I'd use what's left of the ice cream to create something related to what reader Mik described in a comment she posted in the previous entry. Basically, she talked about a combination of chocolate … [Read more...]

Vanilla ice cream recipe (plus a coffee and vanilla ice cream dessert)


The substance derived from vanilla beans is so heady and richly aromatic that it seems ironic that in the dictionary, the word vanilla is also defined as something plain, ordinary or lacking any special features. The irony becomes even more pronounced when we consider how highly prized vanilla beans are.Yet, from another context, the definition makes sense especially … [Read more...]

Chocolate and banana ice cream


I'm just starting to find out that with ice cream making you can just let your imagination run wild. This ice cream was made with pureed bananas and melted chocolate. A couple of days ago, we had a bunch of very ripe bananas and I was debating whether I'd use them to bake a cake or make ice cream. Well, obviously, the second option won.This ice cream is perfect except … [Read more...]

Blueberry ice cream


It took a while to come up with the basic ice cream recipe that I like best but patience and gumption paid off. Two days ago, I made blueberry ice cream and Speedy describes the flavor and texture this way, "Parang may leche flan na nakahalo (It's like there's custard mixed in)." Great. Grrreeeeeaaaattt!!!I would have been happier if I had managed a nicer marbled look. … [Read more...]

Ice cream, coffee and Kahlua dessert


A gorgeous dessert that requires no cooking. Just scoop (the ice cream), pour (the coffee), drizzle (with Kahlua) and sprinkle (the nuts). Use a dessert spoon for the firm portion of the ice cream and the nuts; drink the melted ice cream that has mixed with the coffee and Kahlua.Ingredients1 scoop of vanilla ice cream 1/8 c. of very strong hot coffee 2 tbsps. (or more) … [Read more...]

Mango – rum sorbet


Serving ice cream for dessert at a children's party is always a safe idea. A lot of parents these days bring in a sorbetero with his own ice cream cart and he serves the ice cream to the kids in cones. The set-up is attractive, uniquely Filipino and the host and hostess are saved the trouble of serving the ice cream themselves.But what if you're hosting an … [Read more...]

Crepes a la mode


We were watching Little Miss Sunshine a couple of weeks ago and there was this scene where Olive (Abigail Breslin) ordered waffles a la mode (she pronounced it a la mo-dee). The waitress explained that it meant the waffles would be served with ice cream and her uncle went on to expound on the origin of the term a la mode. He said it is French and it meant "in fashion", … [Read more...]

Buko – strawberry ice cream and diced mangoes


Serving ice cream with pieces of fresh fruits is nothing new. Peach melba and banana split are only some of the more common ways of doing it. I was really tempted to go all the way and add whipped cream and strawberry syrup to my midday snack but I didn't want an overkill. Just the basics then.One sweet, juicy, ripe Philippine mango (bought from a neighbor selling the … [Read more...]