Apple and raisin bread pudding

Some people like to use whole slices of bread to make their pudding. They stack the bread in a pan, pour in the egg-and-milk mixture and bake everything together. Others cut … [Read more...]


Basic sponge cake recipe

Last Christmas, I baked a Boston Cream Pie, I overdid the chocolate ganache topping and the custard filling, the finished product looked so messy that I didn't have the heart … [Read more...]


Savory onion and feta muffins

If you're the kind of person who takes coffee first thing in the morning then showers before having breakfast, here's a treat. Whip up a muffin batter while brewing your … [Read more...]


Savory confetti muffins

A month ago, I baked confetti cupcakes, the bright specks of color provided by nonpareils or sugar sprinkles. Today, I baked savory confetti muffins, subtly sweet, light and … [Read more...]


Banoffee tartlets

The origin of banoffee pie is British as its invention is claimed by Ian Dowding and Nigel Mackenzie of The Hungry Monk Restaurant. The term "banoffee" means a combination of … [Read more...]


Confetti cupcakes

Sam went back to the condo last night with a bagful of cupcakes. She had been asking me all day yesterday, repeatedly, when I would bake. It's one of her favorite lines when … [Read more...]


Chocolate Soufflé

I wish that I could have taken photos within seconds after the soufflé came out of the oven when they were perfectly shaped and risen. Heck, I never read anywhere that … [Read more...]