Microwave carrot cupcakes


So, as I was saying... I’m experimenting on whether regular cake/cupcake recipes can be done in the microwave, period. Maybe just a matter of getting the setting and baking time right. And here's the result of the first experiment.I mixed a … »

Microwave chocolate cupcakes


When there's just Speedy and me at home -- and that's five days out of every week -- I try to refrain from baking. And it's so darn hard to control myself especially when the itch to patter in the kitchen strikes. But a whole cake or pie (even small … »

Dulce de leche mini cheesecakes


Now that we are again able to successfully make dulce de leche at home, my mind's running wild with all the desserts that I can make with it. Trifles, truffles, brownies and blondies... I'm hoping that these mini cheesecakes will only be the first … »

Salted caramel cake


When I saw a recipe for dulce de leche pound cake, my heart jumped. I adore anything with dulce de leche and I so wanted to make that cake. The problem is that it has gotten more and more difficult to make dulce de leche at home. For some reason, … »

Kit Kat confetti cake


It's our 20th wedding anniversary. When Speedy greeted me shortly after midnight, I exclaimed, "Imagine... 20 years of seeing you everyday..." And Sam interjected, "No, that's 20 years of feeding him everyday... No, no... that's 20 years of his tummy … »

White chocolate, lemon and poppy seed cake


Last night, feeling in such a good mood to bake a cake, I started thawing the butter and preheating the oven only to discover that I was out of all-purpose flour. I was about to concede defeat when I remembered that I still had a bag of whole wheat … »

Apple and raisin bread pudding


Some people like to use whole slices of bread to make their pudding. They stack the bread in a pan, pour in the egg-and-milk mixture and bake everything together. Others cut the bread into cubes and mix them into the custard mixture. These days, I … »

Strawberry and cheese cake a la tiramisu


It's similar to the classic Italian cheesecake, tiramisu, with the addition of fresh strawberries. And, instead of adding brandy to the coffee mixture that is brushed on the layers of sponge cake, creme de cacao was substituted. Much more aromatic … »

Basic sponge cake recipe


Last Christmas, I baked a Boston Cream Pie, I overdid the chocolate ganache topping and the custard filling, the finished product looked so messy that I didn't have the heart to post the recipe.But I learned one very important lesson that … »

Mango Royale with chocolate cookie crust


Chocolate and mangoes do go well together. And I probably wouldn't have discovered that if it weren't for Speedy's new version of one of our favorite summer desserts. Mango Royale is a no-cook dessert with a cracker and butter crust, and a filling of … »