Lemon and poppy seed cookies

When we go to Dome Cafe, I look forward to enjoying those small round almond cookies that come with every cup of coffee. And although I love almonds, it would be nice to have … [Read more...]


Chocolate chip cookies

I have a reader who shared with me her recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I haven't thanked her yet so let me do that now. Thanks. Mucho. I don't know if she wants me … [Read more...]


Fudgy cheesecake brownies

This is my second attempt at making cheesecake brownies. The first batch that I baked last summer didn't turn out so well but this batch turned out perfectly. The chocolate … [Read more...]


Mango and cashew nut bars

Another simple baking project that even an amateur baker like me cannot possibly mess up. The recipe is a handwritten notation in a Lawyer's Diary circa 1991 that I converted … [Read more...]


Blueberry and apple squares

While resting my poor eyes from the tedious job of editing my own recipes in the Tastebook that will be available starting Monday, October 20th (it's a print on demand kind of … [Read more...]


Tri-level brownies

After three consecutive baking disasters, I finally came up with a winner. These tri-level brownies are exactly what the name says they are -- brownies with three distinct … [Read more...]