Mango and cashew nut bars

Another simple baking project that even an amateur baker like me cannot possibly mess up. The recipe is a handwritten notation in a Lawyer's Diary circa 1991 that I converted … [Read more...]


Blueberry and apple squares

While resting my poor eyes from the tedious job of editing my own recipes in the Tastebook that will be available starting Monday, October 20th (it's a print on demand kind of … [Read more...]


Tri-level brownies

After three consecutive baking disasters, I finally came up with a winner. These tri-level brownies are exactly what the name says they are -- brownies with three distinct … [Read more...]


Chocolate-kissed muesli cookies

Muesli (pronounced myoos-lee), a mixture of unrolled oats, dried fruit and nuts, is generally considered a high-fiber healthy breakfast cereal. If you add butter and sugar to … [Read more...]


Sam’s butterscotch brownies

I meant to post two entries last Saturday but some things got in my way. First, my broadband (sic) internet slowed to a crawl which made uploading photos tedious. Then, on … [Read more...]


Potato raisin scones

After I posted an entry about Geraldine Hartman's Not Just for Vegetarians, I received an e-mail from the author thanking me for the feature. Actually, I felt that it was a … [Read more...]


Pili nut butterscotch brownies

Until about two weeks ago, I used to bake butterscotch brownies using boxed brownie mixes. The Maya brand, in particular, is reasonably priced and it's all just a matter of … [Read more...]