Chocolate chip cookies, the Toll House recipe


Story has it that the chocolate chip cookie recipe was created by American Ruth Graves Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn, in 1933. She later sold the recipe to Nestle. Nestle’s bags of chocolate morsels carry the Toll House recipe. … »

Kahlua drenched brownies and vanilla ice cream


Having a slice of cake or a piece of brownie with a scoop of ice cream isn’t anything unusual. But drenching chopped brownies in Kahlua, drizzling caramel syrup over them, then sandwiching them between layers of ice cream is a bit out of the … »

Kahlua brownies


If you’ve seen the butterscotch and choco fudge brownies in the archive, these Kahlua brownies are very much like them. The difference is that instead of adding vanilla, I added Kahlua. The result is a deeper flavor. Next time though, I think … »

Lemon squares


This is an updated version of a recipe originally published in May 23, 2005. This pastry comes by many names. Cut them into bars and they’re known as lemon bars. Bake in a tart pan and it’s a lemon tart. Bake in a pie pan and it’s … »