Sweets & Desserts Recipes

Sweet snacks and sweet meal enders. Brownies, blondies, cookie squares and cookie bars, cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts, ice cream and sorbets... they are all in this section. If all that is not enough, there are microwave mug cakes and no-bake dessert subsections too.

Frozen yogurt: more pricey than homemade ice cream but easier to make


When frozen yogurt became fashionable a few years back, frozen yogurt parlors started mushrooming in malls and shopping centers. Most of them sold plain yogurt by the scoop topped with whatever the customer chose from a selection that included cereals, crushed chocolate bars, fruits and nuts. I tried a couple of outlets, didn’t think there was anything spectacular and I could only roll my eyes at the prices.

The thing is, if you have an ice cream machine, it’s very easy to make frozen yogurt at home. Yes, it is more pricey than ice cream because yogurt costs more than milk and cream, but homemade frozen yogurt will still cost a lot, lot less than buying it by the scoop at such ridiculous prices. And you can get as creative as you like with the toppings and not be limited by the sad-looking diced fruits and indecipherable crumbs displayed in frozen yogurt parlors. »

No-bake Nutella and cream cheese dessert


It's like tiramisu with less coffee taste but with the addition of chocolate with hazelnut undertones (Nutella, what else?). No baking nor cooking required for this beautiful dessert. It's ready in 10 minutes but it really benefits from sitting in … »

Vanilla leche flan ice cream


The original plan was to bake brownie shells and serve the ice cream in them. So, I told Dexie, the feisty cook who also made ice cream over the holidays. But the oven was problematic and the cake shell baking pan was too large to fit into the turbo … »

Yema balls


When I met with girl friends from law school for our annual Christmas get-together one night last week, we exchanged gifts and each of them got a container of yema balls from me. The photo above was taken by one of my friends while we were having … »

Coconut pandan cake balls


Along with the nut-crusted mocha-cinnamon cake balls, I brought these very tropical morsels to a party with friends from the U.P. WILOCI. Why coconut and pandan? It’s a classic combination in Southeast Asia, for one. But the more significant … »

Nut-crusted mocha-cinnamon cake balls


Why didn’t I realize before that cake balls make an ideal party dessert? Serve them on pretty paper cups (yes, the kind you line cupcake pans with) and there is no need to cut and serve. That’s less work for any host and hostess, and that also means … »

Oatmeal and lime custard bars


Something like lemon squares but with a lot more texture in the crust because of the inclusion of rolled outs. The crunchy texture is repeated on top in the modified streusel topping. And between all that crunch is a zesty custard that is more milk … »

Double lime cupcakes


It's the basic butter cupcake -- with lime. Why "double"? Because there's lime in the cupcakes and lime in the glaze. But lime is a citrus -- won't all that lime make the cupcakes too tart? No, actually, all that lime makes the cupcakes truly … »

Dark chocolate and orange truffles


If you find that strawberries and chocolate go together well, wait 'till you pair chocolate with oranges. Twice as good; maybe, even more.The inspiration came from a childhood memory. We used to buy bags of mini-chocolate bars, a local brand -- … »

Dark chocolate and rice crispies bars, Nestle Crunch style


Did you know that you can make chocolate bars at home with no need for molds and other special equipment? That's right. And for melting the chocolate, a double boiler isn't even required. Just microwave the chocolate, stir in whatever you want to add … »