Bacalao (Bacalhau) chowder

Marriage introduced me to bacalao. My mother-in-law traditionally cooks a bacalao and vegetable dish during Lent and, every year, I remember how she's remark about how the … [Read more...]


Farmer’s Soup

Almost anything can go into a farmer's soup. The only caveat -- they must all be fresh. Farmer's soup derives its name from the practice of cooking soup with ingredients fresh … [Read more...]


Bacon and potato soup

The wonders that ham bone can do. I bought five ham bones for about a hundred pesos and this is the third dish I've made with them. I just add the ham bone to a pot of water … [Read more...]


Caldo pata (cow hoof soup)

In Santiago, Chile, across the street from La Vega Central is La Vega Chica, a collection of eateries where market vendors and customers converge. So said Anthony Bourdain in … [Read more...]


Spinach and mushroom soup

What to do with a lonesome can of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup and a bag of spinach that was in danger of wilting into oblivion? A few days before New Year's Eve, I … [Read more...]


Cauliflower soup

What makes a soup festive and good enough for entertaining? For me, it isn't how complicated the recipe is. It isn't about how expensive the ingredients that went into it are … [Read more...]


Pea soup

In all the years that Nigella Lawson has been cooking on television, I have been watching her. I have one of her books but I cringe at her writing so I never bought another. … [Read more...]


Ham and pasta soup

Suppose you cooked a delectable pot of pochero (puchero) for a holiday family lunch or dinner and, after all the tasty meat has been consumed, you find you still have several … [Read more...]


White corn and spinach soup

The comfort of uncomplicated food. This soup is a simpler version of a dish that my father-in-law used to cook. It features white corn which, when simmered for a long time, … [Read more...]


Friday night soup

I often cook up a feast for dinner on Fridays when both girls are home from school and the family is complete. Last Friday, we had the Asian-style chicken lollipops and this … [Read more...]