Miso, chayote and spinach soup


One thing I like about ground meat is how it is such a budget stretcher. A little goes a long, long way. Even if a lot of vegetables are added, and even if the proportion of vegetables to meat is terribly lop-sided, no one really feels too meat-deprived because everyone still gets some meat with every spoonful.Take this … »

Chinese sausage, tofu and mushroom soup


In About Chinese sausages, I asked how you readers like to cook them and there was a comment that stood out. While most, myself included, fry Chinese sausages or include them in stir fried dishes, reader Marilyn wrote about steaming them with chicken. It made me pause but then I realized it really wasn't all that … »

Creamed sausage, potato and cabbage soup a la zuppa Toscana


If I had access to kale, I'd have used a bunch in lieu of white cabbage. If I had, this would be a real Zuppa Toscana, that famed Italian soup that chef Emeril Lagasse swears his mother cooks the best version of. But I don't know where to buy kale -- in my lonely corner of suburbia or anywhere else in this country. Armed … »

Chunky ham and mushroom soup


This is probably the first real dish that I cooked in days. The bug I caught left me with very little appetite and when I don't feel hungry, trust me when I say that anything I cook will reflect the way I feel. So, I didn't even bother to make an attempt. We had a salad last Monday and, apart from that, it's been mostly … »

Velvety chick pea and potato soup


For our family Christmas dinner, we had chicken relleno. Not just any chicken relleno but one stuffed with rice seasoned Spanish paella style. And I announced that to the whole internet before the chicken went into the oven. I also promised a recipe.But there's going to be no recipe because the stuffing didn't come out … »

Boiled beef, cabbage and potato soup


It's really just another nilagang baka (boiled beef and vegetables) recipe. As if I haven't got enough when, as of last count, I have four versions in the archive already -- excluding the bulalo recipe which is also boiled beef and vegetables with the distinction of featuring the marrow in the shank bones.So, what's the … »

The wonders of ham bone: chicken, bacon and tomato noodle soup


As December draws near and the nights turn cooler, we find more soups and stews on the dining table. And there's probably nothing more warming and comforting than chicken noodle soup. It may be psychological or it may have a physiological basis. Who knows for sure? The bottomline is that the effect is the same. Personally, … »

Sam’s picadillo


In 2003, I posted a recipe for picadillo that was such a far cry from the traditional. Instead of ground beef, I hand cut stewing beef into small cubes. And, instead of adding potatoes OR chayote to the beef, I added potatoes, carrots AND chayote. It's been our standard picadillo recipe since. Until yesterday.We were in … »

10-minute shiitake mushrooms and vegetable soup


When you have good quality broth in stock, making soup is both a breeze and a joy. This very hearty yet meatless soup took a mere 10 minutes to cook, the ingredients prepared while the broth was being reheated.The secret is in the layering of flavors. While the broth is already seasoned and flavored with the … »

Chicken, corn and macaroni soup


Feeling a bit under the weather? It seems there's a bug going around. I thought I was the only one suffering from flu-like symptoms but it seems not. These drastic changes in the weather and temperature are more than enough to make anyone's body chemistry run amuck. If you feel you need something comforting, try this … »