Squash, potato and carrot chowder


Too many pumpkin recipes popping up on the web these days. I bet I'll see more as Thanksgiving draws nearer. We don't do Thanksgiving in the Philippines and we have squash instead of pumpkin. I've cooked with both and, bias or no bias, squash is … »

Potato and cheese soup


Monday evening is a blur. It was Sam's birthday but the day's menu was a bit strange, to say the least. Instead of asking for her favorite dishes, Sam asked for food that would look good in photos. Why? She has a food photography course this term, … »

My weekend with Sam


Yes, the title is a play on the movie about the beautiful American actress. And, yes, it's just Sam who's home for the weekend. Alex hasn't been home for many weekends; she's deep into rehearsals and stage set-up, and will be for another few weeks. I … »

Pork, chayote, squash and spinach soup


These days, to save on gas, I've developed the habit of cooking meat or chicken in bulk, dividing the cooked meat into portions, freezing them and then thawing out a portion for each meal. Not that we have the same thing every meal. Each portion that … »

Saluyot and spinach soup


Armed with the information that saluyot is slimy, I combined the saluyot leaves with spinach to make a chunky soup that wouldn't be too slimy that Speedy and Sam wouldn't touch it. As it turned out, Sam ate a little, then balked at the sliminess but … »

Miso soup with chicken and chayote


Some soups are so hearty that they can be the main dish. We have a lot of that in the Philippines where, as a practice, we don't serve the soup ahead of the main dish. Soups dishes like tinola, nilaga (literally, boiled) and sinigang (a sour soup … »

Pancit Molo (or is it Molo soup?)

Pancit molo (molo soup)

This is an updated version of a recipe originally published on September 22, 2003.Whether you call it pancit molo or molo soup, it is the same basic Filipino soup dish -- pork dumpling or wonton soup often with bits of cooked chicken in the … »

Sausage, pasta, tomato and cabbage soup


A one-pot dish that's a breeze to prepare. The sausage meat makes the broth rich in taste while the vegetables and pasta make the soup very filling. Serve it as a first course and you don't have to follow it up with a heavy meat dish. Best of all, … »

8 great ways to prepare miso soup


There was a time when, having recently discovered the availability of dashi, miso paste and wakame in local groceries, we'd have miso soup almost everyday. We were so happy that we no longer had to go to some expensive Japanese restaurant to enjoy … »

Tripe, sausage and chickpea soup


This is a tomato-based soup quite similar to the tomato soup with tripe and sausage but with a few significant differences. First, the ox tripe and knuckles were pressure-cooked to save time and fuel. Second, I used glorious, glorious Vigan … »