Macaroni soup with meatballs, corn and spinach


Simple, rustic and warming. The ingredients are simple and readily available, and the procedure is tailor-made for newbie cooks. You make meat balls, brown them in butter, pour in the broth, add the rest of the ingredients and that's it! But like most chunky soups, this isn't something you can hurry up because it's the slow cooking that will bring all the flavors together … [Read more...]

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey plus how I cooked the leftovers

Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey

*Originally posted in October 13, 2009 after the Ondoy floods, I am reposting these turkey recipes for those who are looking for creative ways to prepare leftover turkey meat. Two turkey leftover recipes in this post -- and don't miss the additional list at the end of the second recipe.The week after typhoon Ondoy hit the country and people were panic-buying and … [Read more...]

3 onion soup

3 onion soup

It's probably the most effortless soup I've made. Ever. Sam asked for soup, there was chicken broth in the fridge but not much else to go with it and I thought of onions. French onion soup, perhaps? But then why stop with one kind of onion? Since I am no fan of clear soups, I decided to chunk up the onion soup by adding scallions and crisp fried shallots too. … [Read more...]

Cauliflower, peas and ham soup


Soup. Some people consider it essential to start a meal. Speedy and Sam feel that way; Alex and I are okay without it. On those days when I am inclined to make a soup in addition to the main course, I prefer that it be a real soup dish and not just a token broth. Meaning? Meaning, it has to have a lot of things in it. Vegetables, meat, color, texture... everything. Like … [Read more...]

Squash, potato and carrot chowder


Too many pumpkin recipes popping up on the web these days. I bet I'll see more as Thanksgiving draws nearer. We don't do Thanksgiving in the Philippines and we have squash instead of pumpkin. I've cooked with both and, bias or no bias, squash is sweeter, tastier and creamier. I like to use squash in soups, stews and even as an alternative to mashed potatoes.This dish … [Read more...]

Potato and cheese soup


Monday evening is a blur. It was Sam's birthday but the day's menu was a bit strange, to say the least. Instead of asking for her favorite dishes, Sam asked for food that would look good in photos. Why? She has a food photography course this term, she needed to take food photos and product shots for a project the equivalent of her final exam. The living area and the dining … [Read more...]

How to cook: Lacto-vegetarian corn and zucchini soup


People who live in places where storms and typhoons are a way of life know how the price of fresh vegetables can go sky high when farms are inundated, roads are flooded and few dare to brave to travel the distance between farm and market. Good vegetables aren't only expensive these days -- they are scarce too because the rains have not abated and another storm is nearing … [Read more...]

My weekend with Sam


Yes, the title is a play on the movie about the beautiful American actress. And, yes, it's just Sam who's home for the weekend. Alex hasn't been home for many weekends; she's deep into rehearsals and stage set-up, and will be for another few weeks. I miss her so. We talk via Face-Time often but it's not really the same as having her here. But, anyway...Even with only … [Read more...]

Pork, chayote, squash and spinach soup


These days, to save on gas, I've developed the habit of cooking meat or chicken in bulk, dividing the cooked meat into portions, freezing them and then thawing out a portion for each meal. Not that we have the same thing every meal. Each portion that gets taken out of the freezer is cooked differently from the rest. For instance, I pressure-cooked a kilo and a half of … [Read more...]

Saluyot and spinach soup


Armed with the information that saluyot is slimy, I combined the saluyot leaves with spinach to make a chunky soup that wouldn't be too slimy that Speedy and Sam wouldn't touch it. As it turned out, Sam ate a little, then balked at the sliminess but at least she tried it. Next time, I'll add other vegetables to make the sliminess of the saluyot really negligible.Packed … [Read more...]