Meatless misua soup with broccoli and cauliflower


Misua (also spelled miswa or mee swa) is a thin Chinese noodle made from wheat. In Chinese and Chinese-influenced cultures, it is often cooked as a stir fry for special occasions especially on birthdays to symbolize long life. The best stir fried misua I have ever eaten was served at the birthday party of a Chinese businessman, a friend of Speedy's. The dish was a … [Read more...]

Chicken and pasta soup with B├ęchamel sauce


I was about to start this post by saying that that's ziti in the photo and not penne but that wouldn't really be accurate. Ziti is a variant of penne and what distinguishes it from penne is its size -- ziti is a wide variety of penne. But then I realized why bother splitting hairs about pasta variants when I'm going to say anyway that you can use any pasta shape for this … [Read more...]

Herbed chicken soup with assorted beans


I've noticed that many readers simply wait for updates via Facebook, Twitter, RSS or newsletter to view the latest recipes in the blog. What they don't realize is that there's so much more in the archives. This is a ten-year-old web site, after all. Which reminds me -- the web site turned ten years old a week ago and the date came and went like any other. It has gone … [Read more...]

Baby corn and Chinese broccoli soup


Baby corn (or young corn, as it is sometimes called) is often associated with stir fries. Who would have thought that it would make a superb ingredient for a soup dish too? I used fresh baby corn, not canned, and I have no idea if canned will work equally well. The thing about fresh baby corn is that they need some cooking and it is that cooking time, after I added them to … [Read more...]

White corn and chicken soup


There is another white corn soup in the archive with pork and squash flowers. This version is not as colorful but it is definitely richer in flavor. If it were a photograph, I'd describe the flavors as deep tones and bold saturation. What makes it so richly flavored? Caramelized onions. Instead of simply sauteing sliced onions, I cooked them gently until they had rendered … [Read more...]

Chinese broccoli and tamarind soup


It's really just sinigang, simplified, milder and with none of the traditional vegetables that go into the soup. We were having fried danggit (rabbitfish) and poqui-poqui, and I just wanted a simple soup to go with them -- simple to prepare and simple to digest. There was a jar of homemade broth that I had thawed overnight in the fridge so it was just a matter of adding … [Read more...]

Caribbean-inspired beef tripe and dumplings soup


Just like fried fish, the dish that consists of boiled meat and vegetables can be found in every culture. We have our nilagang baka of which the bulalo is a regional variation, there's the Irish Dublin coddle, the Chilean caldo pata, New England boiled dinner, Welsh cawl... the variety is endless because each one uses the meat and vegetables most abundant in the region. … [Read more...]

The pork version of Speedy’s picadillo


First, there was Speedy's picadillo, a soup made with tender beef cubes, carrots, potatoes and chayote. Next came a close variation in the form of bulalo picadillo. Then, there was Sam's picadillo with upo (bottle gourd) in lieu of chayote. And then, there was chicken soup a la picadillo. Now, we have the pork version of Speedy's picadillo.It feels like I've come a … [Read more...]

Pork, beans and vegetables soup with sweet paprika


Let me take a break from everything vegetarian. This soup has meat. Gelatinous meat from the hock and trotters. And an assortment of vegetables. It's very chunky. And filling because it has beans -- beans that I had cooked to perfect tenderness in the slow cooker. You can use canned but it's really more fun cooking from scratch.The soup is red not because of tomato … [Read more...]