Hototay is a soup dish that you'll find it in the menu of most Chinese restaurants and eateries in the Philippines. It isn't uncommon to find it in the menu of restaurants serving Filipino food either. Whether the name hototay is Chinese or the Filipino adaptation of a similar-sounding Chinese word, I am not sure. It is curious though that hototay is nowhere to be found in … [Read more...]

Minted pea and potato soup


After attacking the roast duck with orange-lime-honey glaze on our wedding anniversary, I gathered the leftovers including the bones. I threw the carcass, the head, the feet and wingtips into a pot and made broth. A lot of broth. I strained the cooled broth into three different containers and kept them in the freezer. Days later, I thawed one out to make this soup.This … [Read more...]

Rice cake and spinach soup


Beef broth made from beef shank bones. Simmered for four hours, some of the bone marrow and the ligaments liquefied and became part of the broth. When chilled, the broth turned jelly-like. So richly concentrated it was.The life of this rice cake and spinach soup is in the broth, each spoonful tasting of bone marrow that cannot be seen but can be clearly made out by the … [Read more...]

Stracciatella alla Romana: Italian egg drop soup


Egg drop soup is something I've always associated with Chinese cuisine and, until a few days ago, I had no idea that egg drop soup exists in many other culinary cultures. The Indian egg drop soup has tomatoes, the Greek version, called avgolemono, has fresh lemon juice, there is a Spanish egg drop soup called puchero (in the Philippines and many South American countries, … [Read more...]

Fish soup with tamarind leaves and lime


Part of an experiment to live on greens that our garden produces, this fish soup with tamarind leaves and lime is reminiscent of sinigang but milder in acidity. More like sinampalukan but more aromatic because of the limes.This is a dish for two so I used only one fish that weighed about 600 grams. A whole fish with the head and the bones, naturally, because this is a … [Read more...]

Chicken, mushroom and vegetable chowder


The rest of the cream of mushroom soup left over from the chicken dinner the other day went into this soup. I made the two dishes on the same day, actually, but I didn't serve them together. The chicken dinner was served with rice; a loaf of sourdough bread accompanied this chowder.A chowder? Yes, a chowder. Thick and creamy. The thickness is made possible by three … [Read more...]

Chicken, potato and spinach soup


Thick, chunky and herby. The broth is made by simmering together the back portion of a chicken, a whole onion, cloves of garlic and peppercorns. The chicken is scooped out, the broth is strained, reheated and diced potatoes go into the broth along with fresh basil and thyme. When the potatoes are soft, into the blender they go together with the herbs and broth. The pureed … [Read more...]

Fish soup with vegetables and yogurt


Did you know that in some recipes that call for sour cream, yogurt can be substituted? I've made that substitution with sauces and soups, and the result has always been more than satisfactory.This soup is another addition to my list of dishes with yogurt. It starts with broth made by simmering a fish head with aromatics, the vegetables are sauteed in butter, the broth … [Read more...]

Spicy noodle soup, jjampong style


A bit sour and mildly hot, this noodle soup was inspired by the Korean jjampong. The traditional base for jjampong is broth made by boiling shellfish with kelp. My very easy version uses powdered dashi. Instead of pork and shellfish, this soup has mushrooms. In short, except for the fish-based dashi, this is a meatless dish.What kind of noodles would be good for this … [Read more...]

Chunky spinach soup


First, you have to have the spinach puree cooked in coconut milk. The rest is just basic cooking. Simple with such a delightful outcome -- a rich soup in more ways than one. Rich in color, rich in flavor and rich in texture. It's such a versatile soup too because you can change the combination of vegetables each time you make it.I topped my soup with shaved parmesan … [Read more...]