Talakitok belly and corn chowder


I grilled a huge fish belly for dinner yesterday but hubby came home with a mango cream pie from Red Ribbon before dinner was ready. We ended up eating the pie before dinner. Naturally, we had leftovers. Instead of cooking a new dish from scratch for … »

Fish and fish eggs soup


We were at the Antipolo wet market early this morning for some fish. I already bought a kilo of hito (catfish) when I saw the still uncut tanigue (Spanish mackerel). I just couldn't resist it. I asked for two pieces of tanigue belly and as the … »

Sinigang ng ulo ng maya – maya (fish head in sour soup)


I know, I've got so many versions of sinigang (sour soup) on this blog that, perhaps, I shouldn't bother posting this one. But I will, anyway, for two reasons:1) The kangkong (water spinach or swamp spinach in the right photo below) that I used … »

Sinigang na tiyan ng salmon (salmon belly sour soup)


Since I first sampled this salmon belly sinigang at Gerry's Grill, I've been dreaming of cooking my own version at home. Gee, it was a very satisfying dinner we just had. Actually, I have a weakness for fish belly and it doesn't matter what kind of … »

Nilagang manok 2


Nilagang manok, literally boiled chicken, is a soup dish made with cut chicken and a variety of vegetables. It's a rather simple dish, really, easy to prepare and only takes about 40 minutes to cook. The basic recipe for nilagang manok was among my … »

Pinatisang manok (chicken soup with fermented fish sauce)


This is a classic Filipino dish. It looks and tastes very similar to tinola. Even the basic cooking procedure is the same. The difference of pinatisang manok with tinola is that it does not count wedges of raw papaya among its ingredients. Hence, the … »

Chunky beef, tomato and eggplant soup


After a gastronomic lunch out yesterday, it was surprising that we could still manage to have a piece of Megamelt ensaymada. Annabel Lee cheesecakes, Megamelt was disappointing. I couldn't taste the butter (was there any at all?). The bread was dry. … »

Nilagang Baka (boiled beef), sukiyaki style


The idea for the dish was something I picked up a few months ago from In My Kitchen. The dish was called Beef Shanks Braised In Soy Sauce With Cinnamon And Star Anise which, to me, appeared to be something between Japanese sukiyaki and our own … »

Halaan (clam) soup


We spent yesterday at the Greenhills Shopping Center. I was planning on getting supplies for my computer but since the kids were with us, we ended up at the tiangge (flea market) instead. Then, it was too late to go to the computer shops. We still … »

Sinigang na sugpo (prawns in sour soup)


Don't you just love the colors... this dish has everything: color, texture, flavor. It is a soup dish with generous amounts of seafood and vegetables. I cooked it for Sunday's dinner. According to my husband and kids, it was delicious. I wouldn't … »