Superb Soup Recipes

Simple, chunky, rustic or show-stoppingly stunning, soups are comforting and uncomplicated to eat. Light soups are wonderful for balmy days; chunky and rich soups are warming on cold and rainy nights. Here are soup recipes for every day or night and for every weather condition. Choose from noodle soups to chowders and everything in between.

The chunkiest boiled beef and vegetables soup


The beef was simmered on Friday, cooled in its broth then chilled in the fridge. On Saturday, I made macaroni salad -- one batch with chicken and another batch without for my vegetarian daughter.Sunday at noon, I took the meat out of the fridge, cut the meat into cubes and discarded the bones. The broth was reheated to simmering, vegetables were added and, when they … [Read more...]

Squash and potato soup with marjoram


One of the herbs that I'm not too familiar with is marjoram. I've seen potted marjoram many times but I've never thought about growing it at home because I rarely come across recipes that list marjoram among the ingredients. It just doesn't seem practical to care for a herb that will probably just grow wild because the leaves are rarely used.Then, I read somewhere that … [Read more...]

Beef with ginger and malunggay soup


Beef makes better soups than pork, pork makes better roasts than beef, and chicken is best for frying. That pretty much sums up how I treat meat. Of course, those preferences don't necessarily apply to offal as that's a totally different dimension of food and cooking. But just beef, pork and chicken? What happened to lamb, turkey, duck, veal... Those are imported and … [Read more...]

Beef cheeks soup, my nth version of nilagang baka


Been making a lot of soup lately -- the kind that doubles as the main dish in a meal. Anything with lots of liquid helps fight dehydration in this terrible summer heat. Like this meat and vegetables soup. It's really just another version of nilagang baka (boiled meat and vegetables soup), an endless variety of which can be found all over the world. What's so unique about … [Read more...]

Today’s lunch: Herbed fried rice and minted soup


Summer is my least favorite part of the year. In this heat, cooking is a dreadful chore rather than a creative expression. So, meals are simple. Everything I cook does not require me to stand in front of the stove for any extended period of time. And the less time that the stove is on, the less the heat that gets trapped inside the house.Lunch today, for instance, was … [Read more...]

Boiled beef and vegetables with sweet-salty soy-flavored broth


Ah, the ubiquitous boiled meat and vegetables that is comfort food in so many cultures. Is the simplicity that makes it appealing? Is the memory of growing up with the dish? Whatever the reason, we love it. I've cooked it in so many ways -- plain, with bone marrow (yes, bulalo!), Irish style, South American style, with cream of chicken -- and they're all good.But have … [Read more...]

Beef, mushrooms and vegetables soup


A chunky soup that turned out surprisingly well considering that I really didn't have a clear plan on how I was going to make it when I started slicing, chopping and dicing. My original intention was to make a meatless soup for Sam -- which I did -- and because I try to stuff her with all the vegetables I can get my hands on when she's home on weekends, I threw in upo … [Read more...]

Salmon head, corn and shiitake soup


One of the tastiest soups I've ever cooked happens to be not among the best looking. I made these over the holidays, Alex was having digestion issues so I thought I'd give her something that was easy to chew and easy to digest, but still packed with flavors and nutrients. She loved it. I cooked more than enough for lunch and what was left -- a large bowl of the stuff -- … [Read more...]

Pork ribs and malunggay with bulalo (beef bone marrow) soup


For those who love bulalo soup but not the messy part of holding the beef leg bone upright to allow the bone marrow to fall off, I have a solution. Consider it a way to serve bulalo soup, fine dining style. Simmer the beef leg bones for several hours, tap out the bone marrow, mash a bit and pour back into the broth. Add whatever meat and vegetables you want, and you get … [Read more...]

Thai-style tofu and green curry soup


There's a standing joke in my family about how the girls request dishes as though they're ordering in a restaurant. Speedy thinks I spoil them too much by cooking what they ask for but considering how we see so little of them these days, I do like to make their weekends memorable, and good food -- food they particularly like -- always helps. So, when Sam picked up one of … [Read more...]