Eggplant “pizza”

It's not really a pizza -- that's why, in the title, "pizza" is enclosed in quotes. But it is like a pizza because it has a crust, and a tomato and cheese topping. In fact, it ... (more)


Deviled eggs for Easter Sunday brunch

Easter Sunday is exactly seven days away. My family does not celebrate Easter but we love egg dishes any time of the year. And the egg hunt, a Western tradition that did not ... (more)


Bacon-wrapped chicken satay

Think of satay (that ubiquitous Southeast Asian food that consists of skewered and grilled small pieces of marinated meat) and rumaki (bacon wrapped liver attributed to ... (more)


Liver paté: creamier and tastier

It was over four years ago when I first attempted to make liver paté. The first recipe I used and the story that went with it is on page two of this post (link at the bottom). ... (more)


2-cheese pizza with puff pastry crust

Pizza is a great party dish. It's a crowd pleaser, it's not fussy to eat and it evokes an atmosphere that is both friendly and relaxing. While it is easy to have pizza ... (more)


Fried suman with cinnamon-nutmeg sugar

The Antipolo Cathedral, home of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra Senora de la paz Y Buenviaje), is still a popular destination although the numerous resorts are ... (more)


Mayo marinated chicken skewers

Last year, I discovered that by adding coconut cream to barbecue marinade, meat becomes more moist and tender. More importantly, the meat stays moist even after it has cooled. ... (more)


Chicken wings fried in bacon fat

Speedy drove the girls back to the condo early yesterday morning. I wanted them to eat something before leaving so, per Alex's request, I prepared a breakfast of pancakes and ... (more)


Chicken turnovers (a.k.a. chicken pie)

The most challenging part about baking a pie is making the crust. Seriously. You can have the best filling but if you have a lousy crust, you still have a lousy pie. I'm not ... (more)


Mozzarella-topped French fries

Twenty-five years ago, you wouldn't catch me having fries and beer at home on a Friday evening. Heck, you wouldn't catch me home on a Friday evening, period. I was a law ... (more)