Mayo marinated chicken skewers

Last year, I discovered that by adding coconut cream to barbecue marinade, meat becomes more moist and tender. More importantly, the meat stays moist even after it has cooled. … [Read more...]


The fastest chicken satay ever

I was thawing chicken thigh fillets for dinner and I asked Speedy how he wanted them cooked -- chicken parmigiana or chicken with orange glaze? He asked me to describe chicken … [Read more...]


Gringott’s money bags

I'm an unabashed Harry Potter fan. I have all the books, I have DVD copies of all the movies, I've watched the DVDs (with or without my daughters) so many times and (worse or … [Read more...]


Creamy spinach and onion dip

We like flat breads. Quite a surprise, really, growing up with soft, airy loaf breads that were the staple of every neighborhood bakery along with the ubiquitous pan de sal. … [Read more...]


Sweet and spicy bar nuts

When I was in college, very rarely did my friends and I enjoy the luxury of having finger food to go with our beer. Most of the time, we had to content ourselves with salted … [Read more...]


Tuna and corn fritters

While waiting for the pork shoulder to thaw, I made these crisp and tasty tuna and corn fritters for our snack. Or, perhaps, you can consider it a late breakfast. It was after … [Read more...]