Rice pudding with custard topping


It isn't difficult to do this dish but for someone like me who still cooks rice on a trial and error basis, it took sometime to get it right.It's simple enough, really. Cook the glutinous rice in coconut milk with a little salt and brown sugar to taste, transfer to a baking dish, top with the custard and bake until the top is brown in spots. The way it happened, … [Read more...]

Corn dogs


I used to make these using pancake mix. But I was able to buy yellow cornmeal recently and I decided to make some corn dogs the traditional way. I searched for corn dog recipes online, found one at the Food Network, tried it and, oh boy, what a disaster. Not only did the cream style corn make the batter too lumpy, the batter wouldn't even stick to the hotdogs. Enough … [Read more...]

Home grilled pork barbecue


Because they are available on almost every street corner and even in neighborhood stalls, barbecue is both popular and common. But when prepared and grilled in one's own backyard, it transcends commonality and becomes a special occasion dish. Perhaps, it's the amount of work involved -- the cutting of the meat to the ideal thickness, the long hours of marinating, the … [Read more...]

Pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls


Sometimes, you dream up of something that's great for a meal for one and, at the same time, pretty enough and easy enough to prepare for a party.What are they? They are what the title says -- pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls. Served warm, the cheese is soft and gooey and every bite bursts with the mixed flavors of the pepperoni and cheese. … [Read more...]

Easy hors d’œuvre: herbed fish sticks


It's still the same tilapia fillets in the first and third of the four-part series on hors d'Å"uvre using tilapia fillets. No spring rolls this time though. Just crisp herby fish sticks. You don't even have to use tilapia. Fillets of maya-maya, talakitok or labahita will be just as great. Nothing can be simpler to prepare. And with the proper dip -- I strongly recommend … [Read more...]

Easy hors d’œuvre: fish and fresh dill spring rolls


The third in the four-part series on easy hors d'œuvre featuring tilapia fillets is fried lumpia (spring rolls) with whole strips of fish fillets and chopped fresh dill as filling. Now, I'm not saying that you absolutely have to use fresh dill. It just so happened that among the herbs growing in my garden, the dill is the most plentiful. You can try using other herbs or … [Read more...]

Easy hors d’œuvre: fish, ham and cheese spring rolls


This is the first of a four-part series featuring fish hors d'œuvre using one main ingredient -- tilapia fillets. These dishes -- two rather eclectic spring rolls (lumpia) and fish sticks -- can be served as hors d'œuvre (appetizers) or as main entrees. It all depends on the occasion. If you're serving them for cocktails, then you serve them as appetizers. But, in everyday … [Read more...]

Butter – fried suman and ripe mangoes


When my in-laws came over on Sunday, they brought a huge bunch of suman and about two kilos of ripe mangoes. I was planning on serving them for dessert but it was a warm day and I suggested that my husband go out to buy some ice cream. The suman and mangoes did not get eaten until my in-laws have left and there were just us in the house. By 5.00 p.m., we were hungry and I … [Read more...]

Cassava bibingka with custard topping


Kamoteng-kahoy (cassava) is a root crop. Even if you're not familiar with the root crop itself, you would probably be familiar with by-products of cassava. Tapioca balls (sago) are made from cassava. Tapioca starch is the best thickener for Chinese-style stir fried dishes. Cassava suffered from some very bad publicity two years ago when school children died in Bohol after … [Read more...]

French toast in 3 steps


When I made some French toasts for breakfast a few days ago and took so much pain taking photos, I did wonder what I was going to do with all the photos. I was sure I have more than one French toast entry in my blog but I took the photos just the same. I'm glad I did. I scanned my archives and it turned out that although I have three French toast recipes, I don't have any … [Read more...]