Small bites: Appetizers & Snacks Recipes

Small bites, finger food, dainty and not so dainty concoctions that are great for starters, munching and snacking.

Mango and avocado salsa

Our mint and basil are thriving but our lime tree has gone on vacation once more and it’ll probably be several months before we see fruits again. The juice of the last three limes and a handful of freshly picked mint leaves went into this fresh salsa that is creamy, tangy, zesty, sweet and spicy […]

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Cheese and nori spring rolls


Sam had this idea of combining cheese and nori for fried spring rolls filling. I couldn't quite visualize it so the idea remained an idea. Then, Alex mentioned that at Bar 1951 in Malate owned by her friend's family, cheese sticks are served with … »

SPAM mini open-faced sandwiches


Speedy loves SPAM. He really, truly does. With bread, with rice, as pizza topping, in pasta sauce... in whatever form. But nothing intrigued him more than SPAM musubi, that iconic Hawaiian creation that defies categorization. We've tried making SPAM … »

Tinapa (smoked fish), salted eggs and tomato spring rolls


One of the law school girl friend parties I went to over the Christmas holidays was hosted by my friend, Sol. We live in the same town although on opposite sides. One of the dishes she served was fried spring rolls with tinapa and itlog na maalat … »

Tinapâté, the Filipino pâté


Some fifteen years ago, before weekend food markets were fashionable, artisanal food products could be found in the occasional stall at the shopping malls. That was how we were first acquainted with Connie's Kitchen. Despite having the same name, I … »

Spicy cream cheese dip (or spread)


If I knew who invented or discovered cheese, I'd write an ode to him or her. But cheese is older than recorded history and whoever made the first cheese is unknown. So there goes my ode.Everyone in my family loves cheese. Vegetarian Sam will … »

Bibingkang malagkit (sticky rice cake)


It's like biko but better. Cook the glutinous rice in coconut milk. Spread in a greased baking dish, top with salted caramel, sprinkle with desiccated coconut and bake. It's so good. But to really do this sweet dish right, it's best to soak the rice … »

3-cheese mini corn muffins


Based on the corn muffins a la Kenny Rogers in the archive, these mini muffins are made tastier with the addition of three different kinds of cheese and chopped parsley. I used jalapeño cheddar (found at S&R), feta and mozzarella. Hot cheddar, … »

Homebaked granola squares


Sam discovered granola bars when she was in high school. By the time she was in college and living away from home, she used to bring a stash of granola bars for a weeks’ supply. Granola is muesli — a loose mixture of oats, nuts, honey and, sometimes, … »