Salsa fresca (salsa Mexicana)

As anyone with the tiniest knowledge of Spanish will tell you, "salsa" means sauce. It's a very broad term that includes smooth sauces, chunky sauces, thin sauces and thick … [Read more...]


Homemade applesauce

A couple of days ago, I made apple cheese cupcakes with streusel topping. Never had a chance to take photos though. They were delicious, I'm sure apple-lover Alex will request … [Read more...]


Béchamel sauce

I am not schooled in the art of French cooking. When it comes to food, I'm as Asian as Asian comes, and I was that way until I was an adult. Appreciation for Italian food came … [Read more...]


Hummus with tahini

Hummus is chickpeas in Arabic. Hummus with tahini is a dip or spread made with chickpea puree, tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice and salt, and may or may not include … [Read more...]