Chicken and macaroni salad


The chicken and macaroni salad I grew up with had lots of pineapple tidbits--which I hated. When I learned to prepare the salad myself, I ditched the pineapple altogether but that really detracted from the overall taste of the dish. I realized that … »

Caesar’s salad dressing

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My kids used to enjoy only Thousand Island and Ranch salad dressings with their vegetables. Then, I saw an episode of Bob Blumer's The Surreal Gourmet on the Discovery Travel & Living Channel where he did his version of Caesar's salad dressing and I … »

Hot chicken salad


After the last exam on the last day of the bar exams (ooh that's alliteration) many years ago, a lawyer friend treated me to dinner. He said I could bring along my friends. It was his way of saying thank you because I helped him collect a bad loan. … »

Textbook achara (atsara)


Achara, or atsara, means pickled green papaya. I had an earlier recipe for achara but this one has two additional steps--brining or soaking in salt before pickling, and preservation by boiling the achara in sealed glass jars.I got the basic … »

Ensaladang Pipino (Cucumber Salad)


There first time I served this salad at a dinner party, my friends were a little hesitant about trying it because they thought that the red stuff were hot chili peppers. They aren't. They're chopped pimientoes, I told them. After trying it, one of … »

Fruitier vegetable salad

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Adding fruits to a vegetable salad not only adds color and a better variety in texture. It also makes the salad more appetizing and palatable for those who are not keen on salads made entirely with raw vegetables. My family's first experiment with … »

Ensaladang Talong (eggplant salad)


We're having something very sinful tonight. %-P Crispy pata. While pressure-cooking the pata, the salad was prepared. While the crispy pata is cooking in hot oil--where it is making a lot of spattering noises as well--I'm posting this.There are … »

Chicken, potato and soured cream salad


This is a salad made with chunks of boiled chicken breast, potato wedges, corn kernels, cooked ham and parsley tossed with a sour cream dressing, served surrounded by tomato and cucumber rings on a bed of lettuce leaves. Trying to spread my wings in … »

Braised chicken and fruit and vegetable salad

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When my husband is killing time waiting for a client, he likes browsing in supermarkets. He knows the prices and the new brands. But he can't estimate the quantity needed for a meal. He called me up the other night to say he was buying some … »

Chicken salad sandwich and cheese sticks


In the Philippines, a rice-less meal is a light meal. So,... we decided to go light last night. Sandwiches and cheese sticks were all I really planned. The kids were excited and wanted to help out in making the cheese sticks. But their dad wanted … »