Chicken, shrimp and pasta salad


Breathe new life into your macaroni salad by using pasta spirals, combining chicken with shrimps and adding lightly toasted sliced almonds.Don’t look too impressed though. It’s really just about getting creative with leftovers.Yes, seriously. … »

Tortilla-wrapped warm chicken salad


After spending almost the entire afternoon managing the traffic to and from the grocery and bakers' supplies store, and my house, and still managing to sneak in a very late lunch, I got a text message that I would have some unexpected guests … »

Fresh button mushrooms and parsley salad


Yesterday, I had lunch with girl friends from law school, the conversation -- hilarious all the way -- ranged from unsavory characters to disillusionment with the justice system to domestic help issues to coffee makers to, of course, food. Speedy … »

Coleslaw, macaroni, cheese and bacon salad


When Sam was home last weekend, I made coleslaw to go with a meaty dish (I now forget what it was). The meaty dish got wiped out as far as I can tell because there are no leftovers in the fridge. There was leftover coleslaw, however, as it wasn't … »

Birthday salad


It's called birthday salad because it was made by three people who celebrated their birthday last month -- Buddy, Laura and myself. Just like my complete salad from 2008, this one is savory and filling as it has everything in it -- meat, vegetables, … »

Bacon tempura salad with yogurt and honey dressing


Last Monday, when Sam was craving for a bacon fix and was asking if we had bacon in the freezer, Speedy and I told her about an extraordinary way to cook bacon that we saw on TV. Bacon tempura. Thin, thin strips of belly bacon dipped in tempura … »

Rice, bean sprouts and cucumber salad. Serve it warm.


If you still think that a salad necessarily means a dish of assorted raw vegetables tossed with a vinaigrette, click here before attempting to post a comment that the dish in the photos below is not, and cannot be, a salad.That taken care of, let … »

A la Kartoffelsalat (German potato salad)


What makes a potato salad German? According to some, it is the use of a vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise for the dressing. It appears, however, that this is not an absolute rule. There is some sort of "war" going on whether traditional German … »

Asian-style spicy and tangy beef and rice salad


If the term "rice salad" makes you go HUH? click here and know that the term salad covers a wide expanse of dishes.Today's lunch was still part of the beef brisket challenge (or, perhaps, experiment would be the more appropriate word). Cubes of … »